Magic Word that Keeps SEO Clients in Check - September 2023

There's a really good word that I've found with clients or potential clients that helps draw the lines of the relationship clearly without seeming rude or lazy — Scope.

A lot clients will try to get you to do everything possible for them.

You can head a lot of this off by having a clear and concise contract on the services you are providing.

Then, when they ask you to, say, go through hours of video to cut out the best pieces for content on their site (I recently got asked this), you can say, “I'm sorry, but this is outside the scope of our relationship. I don't offer video editing as a service.”

If they balk, you can politely point them to the contract.

Note: I put on the contract that they are responsible for “All content and copy for [domain].com — written, video, audio, blog posts, etc”
“Hosting for [tbd].com” — You definitely don't want to be their hosting company!

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