Major Google My Business (GMB) Verification Update - September 2023

There have been some major updates to Google My Business (GMB) pages made by Google recently…

Basically, many people were doing, well, exactly as I had been teaching with regards to getting a lot of GMB's for lead generation…

…and making some mad $bank$…

Over the last year or so, I saw many new service providers start offering GMB verifications.

It got pretty absurd and I saw the writing on the wall a while ago that Google would make an update and I've been prepared.

I believe 99%+ of them were doing some form of phone verification that made it so they could do it inexpensively/easily.

Google has made this much more difficult.

(For those in the Passive Stealth Leads System, you have an alternative that is very different than what others are doing)

Many are freaking out because they are no longer able to get verified GMB's and Google is trying to crack down on lead gen GMB's.

I am NOT freaking out for sure…

In fact, I look at this like I've looked at every other Google update in the past…

As an OPPORTUNITY to kill it as people without perseverance quit…

There will be a bit of an adjustment period as certain aspects need to be pivoted for better optimization with new rules.

The good news is that pretty much all previously verified GMB's are still cranking out $$.

These issues mostly apply to new GMB's trying to get verified.

Expect to see more suspensions, harder verifications and more $$ if you can get verified and ranked.

I'm testing all this stuff heavily.

Please let me know how your GMB's are going!

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