Best Ways To Make Money Online - September 2023

There are quite a few excellent ways to make money online right now — SEO (Client, Lead Gen, National, Local, etc), Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, etc.

So, how do you go about getting started and picking where to go? 🤔

I've got an idea of critical importance to your success that I've never heard anyone else talk about…Here it is:

Building a sustainable income online is NOT about finding and picking out the “best” method(s) for making money online…

A better decision making process is picking an excellent or even “just” good method AND staying focused on it to the exclusion of everything else for about 1-2 years.

🌴 Pick. Commit. Consistently follow through ==> INEVITABLE ONLINE MONEY MAKING SUCCESS 🌴

Yes, staying focused is critical…

And YES, success in making money online is INEVITABLE if you stay focused.

After I quit my day job, I decided to focus on Client SEO until I got it to work and ignore everything that I came across that wasn't directly related to this…

I went from making $0/m to about 10 months later making $14k/m…

And I've never looked back…

To delve a bit deeper here, check out a question I got recently:

❓ “I am really very noob to this and need someone to show me the first step to take.” ❓

The first step to take is to pick a skill set and focus on to the exclusion of all others for 1-2 years minimum.

Then, work to build your skills and assets in this area.

Ignore everything not directly related to this!

It will be slow, but if you stick to it consistently, you will find yourself in 1-2 years in a great position to have a long term, highly profitable career where you get to call all your own shots.

You will need to buy multiple information products along the way because it is critical to get help from others who have done it before.

🤑 If you are (1) building your skills, (2) building your portfolio/accomplishments/wins, and (3) building your reputation, then you are building your business. 🤑

And I would say that building your skills is the starting point and the most critical of the 3 because if you build your skills, the other 2 will follow.

If you don't build your skills, then you can't get the other 2 without being a con artist…which can work for some people, but is not recommended.

Check out some excellent videos on How To Make Money Online:

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