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— 01/15/2021 —
OK, by next week the new lite & pro versions of this plugin will be out!

It is FINALLY ready…just putting some last minute cosmetic touches on things before release.

I'm very excited…lots of time, energy, and $$ put into this plugin.

…stay tuned.

— 12/09/2020 —

Still getting close…there was more work to do with the developers than anticipated.

Join the Operation Day Job Liberation FB Group or get on my email list to be notified for when it is ready.

— 09/28/2020 —

Still coming soon, but we are very close!

…working with developers on finishing touches on the lite & pro plugins…

…and setting up payment systems

Estimated Release Date: Oct 2020

It is hard to say exactly when it will be released because…well, software development sometimes involves playing whack-a-mole.

…so don't kill me if it isn't out by then!

— 06/10/2020 —

Free & Pro version information coming soon!

This GMB SEO WordPress plugin can really make a big difference in your ability to rank in Google Maps.

And ranking in Google Maps has become more and more important overtime.

As the non-maps Organic listings have been pushed further and further down the page! Watch the video for more details

v1.1 video (more info coming soon):

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