Organic Search Engine Optimization - August 2021

SEO is, in my opinion, the most profitable form of online marketing… 🤑

But, it can take longer to kick in in most markets, so it is not an overnight process…

It is also a lot more complicated than other forms of digital marketing, so you REALLY have to commit to it. 💻

But, when Organic Search Engine Optimization starts sending you FREE traffic from Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

…oh boy!  It is amazeballz! 🔥🔥🔥

7 Awesome Benefits of Organic SEO

  1. It is free targeted traffic that grows over time and, therefore, your customer acquisition costs become less and less expensive.
  2. Google ranking your website is like getting a business referral or a vote of confidence from one of the biggest, most trusted company to ever exist.
  3. You can setup your site to attract hyper targeted visitors to pages specific to what they're looking for.  Therefore, your conversion rate per visitor can go up significantly.
  4. If you stop working on SEO, Google doesn't stop ranking you suddenly!  🌴 I have many websites that still rank years later with very little work. 🌴
  5. There are so many websites out there doing poor SEO that, even in very competitive markets, there are opportunities to attract your target market to your website organically with search engines.
  6. You can attract people searching for things that you would have never thought of. According to Google, about 15% of all searches every month are brand new searches no one ever searched before!
  7. It is a lot more fun to practice than paid advertising or social media marketing in my opinion.  (As a long time SEO practitioner, I'm obviously biased here)

Good SEO videos for Beginner and Advanced Search Engine Optimization:

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