Can SEO Services be Guaranteed? - September 2023

Ever get asked about another company's “guaranteed” SEO services?

I get this question every once in a while and I feel like I…

(A) Understand what is happening here


(B) Have come up with a way that squashes this pretty much immediately

So, first of all there are tons of companies that offer too good to be true guarantees that are really too good to be true.

They guarantee 1st page rankings — sounds great right?

But the guarantee is often tied to worthless keywords or keywords they will or already do rank for.

For example, the client's brand name or “tallest car accident lawyer in north west dallas texas” are obviously stoopid easy to rank for.

So, when a client asks me about this, I tell them to look at the fine print and share it with me if they can.

I then talk about how it has ALWAYS been one of the above cases.

And that I've never heard of a respectable SEO company that guarantees SEO because it is always the more scammy type of companies that try to offer this guarantee…

…to set an incredibly low bar for them to meet to often get a contractual kicker.

I think often the potential client suspects that the offer is BS and is either trying to fish out some truth or trying to get you to offer some sort of guarantee.

Definitely do the former and definitely don't do the latter.

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