About David Hood @ Digital Domination Dojo

I'm on a MISSION to help 10,000 people make their first $1 million online!

I've been doing SEO for 10 years now (as of 2019)…

Wow, that sounds crazy to say it…

I've been full time with my own business for 7 years (since March 2012)…

Also, crazy to type that out loud!

My business has 100% been centered around SEO.

Where I've made most of my money has been in the areas of Client SEO and SEO Lead Generation…

Yes, I also sell products around these business models…

(I only sell products around things that I have successful experience with…no BS theory here!

Yes, I want to make money for myself and my family with these products…

I also genuinely want to help people with awesome information that makes a positive impact in their businesses and lives.

Watch the 2 videos below and grab the free resources for more details.

Free Client SEO Cheat Sheet: http://bit.ly/SEOClientAttraction

Free SEO Lead Generation Training: http://bit.ly/FreeSEOLeadGenTraining

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David Hood
About David

David Hood

Digital Dominator at Digital Domination Dojo
I've been working full time on my online business since 2012.

My primary revenue sources are Client SEO, SEO Lead Generation, and selling Information Products.
David Hood
About David