Will SSL Help Improve SEO? - September 2023

SSL is where you setup your website on https

Technically, it is an organic SEO ranking factor

But, how much does SSL really help your website rank in Google's SERPs?

Here's a handy SSL pic from the video:

SSL Certificate Video OMG

What an AI writer would say about how much an SSL Certificate Helps with SEO:

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a technology that helps protect your website from outside influences that can harm it. It is used to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data to ensure that it is safe from possible attack by hackers who want to break into your website and steal information from it. When you apply an SSL certificate to your website, you are guaranteed that your site is protected against hacking.

If you are using WordPress for your CMS, then setting up your SSL certificate is likely a breeze.  Assuming your host has the SSL certificate setup properly, all you have to do is a few clicks with the Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin!

How can SSL help improve On Page SEO?

By securing sensitive data before it leaves your site, you are able to make the most of keywords. Most SEO experts and even beginners at On Page SEO, agree that the best way to attract targeted traffic is to work with targeted keywords. This means using a page title tag, H-tags, meta description tags, headings, anchor text, and other tools that work towards getting the most out of the words that your page title contains. When a visitor searches for a keyword, the likelihood of them seeing your page increases because more likely than not, they will see your page title first.

While having an SSL certificate on your website isn't the most critical on page SEO factor, it can still affect your overall rankings in various ways.

H Tags on a Page

H-tags are critical when it comes to SEO because they play an important role in page rank. H-tags give the search engine spiders the idea of what your website's objective is; for example, if you have a blog, then your website's title may be “blog” or “SEO.” The H-tag in the title tag tells the search engine spiders that this page refers to a specific topic.

Meta description tags also help SEO. A Meta Description is a short section of your website's content. It appears at the beginning of the page title, and the end, usually near the bottom. It describes the keywords that appear in your content. The H-tags and title tags above the Meta Description help the search engines understand what your page title and meta description are all about. When a visitor searches for a keyword, the page title and meta description in the Meta Description will direct them toward your site.

H-tags help a website achieve its goal of increasing page ranking because they tell the search engine what the page is about. In order to receive the highest page ranking possible, you should place as much information about your site into your H-tags as possible. You want each piece of content on your site to effectively communicate what your site is about.

Page Title Tags

The title tag and description meta tags above the Meta Description help the search engine understand what your page title and Meta Description are all about. If you have very few words, but use a good keyword, you will receive a high SEO ranking. H-tags and title tags above each one of your pages will help visitors understand what you have to offer. When they see the words “SEO” or “SEMHOOR” or “SERPs” (Search Engine Optimization Pages) or “ROI” (Return On Investment), they know to expect something out of your site.

These are just two of the many components that go into a successful website. There are many others, such as title optimization, keywords, keyword density, site structure, internal linking structures, link building, and many other aspects of good SEO. Will SSL help improve SEO? It most certainly can and it's an important part of improving your search engine ranking. When you begin to work with Will SSL, you will begin to see the fruits of your hard work come to fruition.

Once a website is optimized, search engines will recognize that it has legitimacy. They will then give it more credibility by ranking it higher in their listings. Will SSL help improve SEO? Yes, without a doubt!

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