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WordPress SEO for Beginners Overview

Hi, this video is about how to do search engine optimization in WordPress for beginners in 2019. And likely well beyond, this will still be valid, the SEO principles will still be valid many years from now. And the fundamentals of WordPress hasn't changed. Well, it looks a little bit different, and I have a lot of good things in it, it won't change a whole lot. So

in this video, I will give some critical on page SEO tips. I'll also give you some of the biggest on page SEO time wasters. And then I'm also going to teach you a technique to get things going really fast to get your website ranking as fast as possible. Even though you might not have created all the content that you need. So far. My name is David Hood, I've made well over a million dollars with SEO and I know you can do, I'd like to help others. Because I know it can be done. And it's actually a much better life than what I had before even as an engineer.

And this Digital Domination Dojo YouTube channel is all about making money online to create the lifestyle you desire. I mean, everything I try to do is, is at least semi passive income. And some of it is extremely passive. There's, you know, it's not zero or one type thing. Okay, so into the video. So first of all, make sure you've done your keyword research, and make sure you've really taken a look at what is your market typing in the search engines and what can you rank for. And I'm gonna post a link in the description to another video that I'll shoot soon to talk about how to do keyword research, I think there's a lot of myths out there about that there's a lot of tools that are expensive, that really don't help you in my opinion.

And there's a lot of free stuff out there that you can use like Google, for example, you don't really need to pay for all those tools. And there's a whole lot of shortcuts if you don't want to pay for them. So this is assuming that you've done some of your keyword research, I'm going to show you what I would do in WordPress, it's actually very simple. And I think you can you can do it pretty quickly. So number one, the first most important thing in your, for your website, from an on page standpoint, is your domain name.

So this isn't less about WordPress. And this is more about just doing your homework. Now my domain name isn't really very SEO optimized. And not this is not this website isn't really critical that I rank in Google, I mean does have digital in it. And you know, if I really wanted to make this domain name really good, really aggressive towards like the search phrases I'm trying to rank for, I might have put it like SEO in it, or make money online dojo calm, but I'm thinking more long term. And from a brand standpoint, that's actually the exception, most of my websites, I will have a pretty aggressive domain name, I'll put a flavor word in there and then put and then put some, some major words, or word that is in a lot of the main search phrase that I want to target.

So we're going to get beyond that. So then the number two and three, basically tied for second for most important things, from an on page standpoint are going to be the titles and URLs of your pages. Okay, so let's say we want to create a new page on let's do this, how to do SEO and WordPress, for beginners 2019. Okay, so this is going to be the title.

And let's just go ahead, and it's got the URL here. So I'm probably going to edit this out how to do SEO mid ticket, beginner,

maybe I'll do instead of instead of beginners, I'll do step by step tutorial, and that's because I know that this is another thing that people search for, I'm going to go ahead and leave 2019 in there. And now, sometimes when you first do WordPress, I'm actually going to click publish on this. And I'm gonna open up a new tab. So we're going to go settings permalinks. Okay, so this is the default. And usually what I want to do is I just want to do like post name, there's a another thing that I'm going to do, let's want to add category post name, because of the way that I plan on a structuring this, so there's two different ways I would recommend actually. So post name would just be whatever the title of the post is, that's what it will default to or you'll just have what's called flat URLs, which means that there's not going to be any like sub category of URLs.

Now, if I do percent category, I could actually do nested URLs, which would mean like, let's say I had a category about SEO, and then I had, how to do on page SEO, and then I had for WordPress, and in that way, I'm gonna have like a slash SEO slash on page slash WordPress or something like that. So I'm actually

We're going to do this I'm going to do this is more of a flat URL, it's much simpler. And I'm just going to, it's going to make it a little bit easier for, for you to understand it's just a little simpler. And makes it easier to plan out my, my URLs. Okay, so

now I don't have content for this yet. So here's one of the tips that you can get things going really fast, just gonna go to YouTube.

And I'm going to how to do SEO and WordPress.

I'm just gonna do this. Okay, I'm gonna find one. No, this is these are technically my competitors. And but I'm going to go ahead and

see how did you SEO WordPress four years ago.

Five months ago, this one's really popular.

I don't really like digital marketing. So we're gonna come in here, and we're going to share, embed.

And click text overlay here, just because I don't want to it becomes hard to edit. In the visual, if you don't

put like a little text thing, I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna embed all three of these videos. Alright, hey, Jason, here I'm going to share.

So you might think, well, these are other people's videos, why would I do this? And I'm going to explain it

in a second after I get this last one.


So first of all, the most engaging form of content are our videos, okay? video is something where someone can click and be entertained and informed you're watching a video right now. And the amount of the time that people spend on videos is just longer than any other form of media. And Google owns YouTube. And they love it when you share their stuff, when they keep when when they when you keep people in your, in their wheelhouse, so to speak. All right, I can just do here is I'm gonna do this, the simplest version are some good videos about

how to do SEO and WordPress for beginners.

All right, and I could simply just do this, let's do this. Alright.

And when I click visual, this is what's gonna look like, Okay, this is a super simple way to get started. Okay, I'm going to just update this, we'll take a look at this page.

And when I after I upload this video, I will replace that will make it the top video in here, I'll probably leave in some of these videos, and maybe make some more specific comments on it. And also, I will add a little bit more text. But you know, you can see I'm shooting this video on December 6 2018. You can see you know, whenever you're watching this video, you can see what I've done, maybe go to the website, go to the page, I'll put a link to the page in the in the video, but you can see what it looks like right now. Okay, I don't have a sidebar. So that's something that we will talk about. But let's take a look.

So this is my title, how to do WordPress, how to do SEO and WordPress for beginners 2019. Now a lot of the dash digital assessment dojo, a lot of that the themes will automatically add sort of like your your site name on there, which is fine, I have a problem with that. And then here's the full URL

into notepad so you can see it a little bit better.

Alright, so what I tried to do with the URL is I tried to do something slightly different. You can see I got step by step and tutorial. But I still have SEO and WordPress in there. And we you know, now we've got a page and just a few minutes without having a page I've got a page about how to do SEO.

So let's go back here, and I want to show you a few different things. Okay, so the next biggest factors from an on page SEO standpoint are going to be how your pages are interlinked. And your h1 tags. Okay, so let's show interlinking I'm actually going to do

first what we need to do is we need to create a another page. So I'm going to add a hold CTRL and click add new so that I can do a different tab. I like having multiple tabs open. And we're just going to do like search

engine optimization and

change this later. This is going to be my parent like SEO page. And we're going to do the same thing here. We're going to do SEO one on one

We're going to embed a couple videos here, again, we're not looking to a brand new site, we're not looking to,

you know, reinvent the wheel, we're not looking to have something super amazing right off, right out the gate. One reason why it's super important to go ahead and put this page up is that the age of your page matters. So the longer this page is that the more Google is going to trust it. And so getting your pages up for the things you want to rank for as soon as possible, even before you have content up is super important. Okay, so

good SEO videos for beginners.

Do you want to rank number one on Google? Yes. It's actually,

course who doesn't want to rank number one on Google? It's not really what it's all about. It's not so much impact? Let's do we're going to do SEO for SEO.

Okay, this is not I haven't.

Yeah, I haven't really resources, as much as I should have, in terms of what keywords I'm going to do here, I'm not going to build my whole site out, because I have a lot of pages plan. I haven't completed that. But I wanted to show you a few different things. So we're gonna come in here, we're gonna refresh this page.

And I'm going to do this is now the parent of the page.

And there's a reason why I'm doing this, you don't necessarily have to do this, I do have a plugin that I have made. That makes this, this process that I'm going to show you on how to interlink much easier. Oh, wait, one more things. Let's go back real quick, before I move on, that I want to show you.

So if I click on this, hold Ctrl. And so this does not write the

flat URL, it's not essential, I might have to like, go ahead and save the permalinks. Again.

There we go. some reason it's, this is what I was talking about before with the nested URL, notice how it does slash because that's the parent.

And this should be an h1 tag. The problem with that is so when we talk about H tags,

cert search this for h1, so yeah, how to do WordPress to get h1 class entry title. Okay, so, WordPress, automatically, depending on the theme, but most vast majority themes that automatically do an h1 tag, if you got a long, long piece of content, you can also put it in like h2 tags, this matters to a lesser degree, and it matches my title. So just kind of reinforces Okay, so I want to show you that.

Let's actually go and



That should

fix that URL.

I need to talk to my developer, my designer, or one of my developers on this, because this should work for you. And you definitely don't a lot of times it defaults to this, where it's like page 123 definitely do not want that.

That's really weird, okay, doesn't matter right now. You can always fix it. And I would, I would encourage you to go to and find a an inexpensive developer who can work with WordPress and do a lot of the different

basic things here. So you don't spend a lot of time with the technical aspects of WordPress, you don't usually need to but it's something that can be you know, you don't want to get stopped up on on Oh, you know, why isn't this working and spend an hour looking at that that's just not a good use of your time. And even if you are a developer if you're talking about marketing your website on the internet, it's not really a very valuable use of your time. Okay, let's go Okay, so here is my fancy plugin and leave a comment below if you want the plugin

that and I'll show you what it does. So we're going to go to Appearance widgets so the sidebar and I haven't double checked this blog sidebar

supposed to be a sidebar I can I need to talk to my technical team so I thought this was already set up but it's not and so we're not I'm not gonna be able to display this here. Maybe add new What is this

test so this is a great thing about WordPress was see what happens is we try to do when you try to create a video try to create a site from scratch. So there's some things that stop you the should be

it might be on the page.

Sometimes no sidebars?

default, none. What sidebar?

There we go.

You're not familiar with this theme, this specific thing, fusion builder. I don't really like page builders that much. But now

we go to the page.

There's a sidebar. Okay, so we want to edit this sidebar in the widgets. So that was, that was easy. Really, I'm gonna go ahead and delete most of these

recent posts.

We're just gonna leave into that stuff. So we're going to go to Titan widget.

Now, this should work with most websites, but I can't guarantee it.

We're just gonna do completed pages. Okay, so this doesn't work with posts, it only works with pages.

Alright, so now what this is going to do, let's refresh this

is it's going to link every page to its parent, its siblings and his children. If you imagine a website,


let's find a good example. This is a really good example. So if you imagine your homepage being like your main category, so you've got a category here and a sub category here, and then sub sub categories, and then subcategories, and maybe even sub sub categories, what you want to do is you want to link your homepage to all your main categories. And then you want to link your categories, these are siblings.

And then you want to link your categories to the sub categories, but then you want to interlink these sub categories. And then you also want to link back to the category page. But you don't want to link this sub right here, to this sub category here. And by nature, a lot of times you'll link this to here, just because you'll put this in your you know what times these main categories are going to be in your navbar. And as you go deeper in a bigger site, this matters more and more. And this will also matter when links come into your site. If it's like a link comes into this sub category page, it's going to really juice up these, these relevant pages. And let's say these are sub sub category pages a lot more than if you're just what a lot of people do is they'll have a drop down that has that goes really deep into all their sub sub categories. And basically what they're doing is linking every page every page, which is not what you want to do, for sure. It's not like the end of the world if you do that, but it's better to do it this way. So let's create a few more pages. So you can see more of what I'm talking about. New page,

we're going to do let's do,

let's actually do on page SEO,

we're going to make this the parent, I'm actually not going to do any of the videos right now, just because I want to show you how some of this works

for beginners.

Again, I'm also not editing the URL, which I normally would do, whoops, let's do

this here update.

I'm gonna get to some of the time wasters here shortly. Because there's a lot of things in here that a lot of people are gonna be like, wait, why haven't you talked about this. So we actually going to go back here

and I consider is WordPress, this is really actually on page. So we're gonna make this a subcategory of on page

and then I create a whole new category

let's see page

let's just call it like

website conversion optimization.

And then maybe we'll create a just like a make money online category.

We'll call it like make passive money online.


you'll see why I'm doing this in a second. You see how fast and easy it is to create pages. And then let's create a

let's actually make this just make money online. Just as an example I might change that

make money online.

Okay, so now we're going to do a separate page.

Passive money.

Alright, we're gonna make this a

child of make money.

Alright, so

now what we're going to do is I'm actually going to go into appearance and go menus.

And I want, what you want to do is you want every page to be accessed by the Google crawler From the homepage. So what does that mean? That means that there needs to be a path from the homepage, even if it's four or five, six links deep to every page. Alright, and so in my main menu right here, I want to put my main category pages.

I'm going to add these to the menu, and I'm going to

and we're just gonna do

alright, and I'm going to save money. Alright, so what this is going to allow, let's go ahead and click here.

Alright, so let's say go make money online.

Oh, wait,

something I needed to do. Blog sidebar, we do that for every single page. So we're going to edit this page. Usually you don't have to do that. And sidebars


the page.

Alright, so now we can see we also have to make passive money online. All right.


let's go ahead and go on the sidebar,

left sidebar, update.

And we're going to view this page.

You can see it's liking there. Let's say,

See, we add a new page, and I do

something that I might already have

on page.


critical on page SEO, because we're going to add a new page. And we're actually going to make this

an on page. And the reason for doing this should have done this the first time


Okay, so we go in here, review page. So notice how this doesn't link. There's, this doesn't link to several of my we go back to pages.

This doesn't like to make passive money online. And any other like sub categories or subcategory pages. Alright, so that's really important. If we click on conversion, well, there was no, I don't think there was any sub pages for conversion.

And you could do this. So what this what my plug in does is it makes it easy to interlink properly, you just basically set up the parentage properly, you don't have to do that. If you just think about if you just create the as I showed before that conceptual diagram, you should be able to

you know, just link yourself you don't do the sidebar, you can do within the content and just have like a related pages and just fill it out manually.

And you know, so it's not a it's not a really big deal. I don't think it's required. But you know, it does save time. So let's view page this one has. So you don't have a sidebar.

Alright, so I had a blank site, when we got started. It's about 23 minutes later, and with me fiddling around, and now I actually have some content. I mean, I actually have a page we go to SEO,

like this is a live or not, this is actually a page that would be pretty engaging to visitors. Something's wrong. It's doing weird stuff. Okay, there we go. And so you go on page SEO for beginners do that, right? I didn't put any videos. And even if I have videos on here, so Google actually likes these pages. And if someone arrives on it, they don't bounce that actually, it will engage with it. If I you know, all I did was pick out some relevant videos, and maybe put a little bit more text in there. But really, you only need a few, a few paragraphs or a few sentences of text. And it can be a highly engaging page that Google that visitors respond well to that Google likes. Okay, and this is, you know, this is a big thing that a lot of people don't talk about, because, you know, if you waited, especially with a brand new site, if you waited into, you know, you did all your research, and there's 100 different unique keywords that you want to rank for, and you waited until you can create it all.

100 of those pieces of content to create the pages for those content,

then you're just kind of leaving some money on the table. Even though in a way, I am skewed to here I am promoting these other videos. But at the same time, I'm promoting my own website. So it's it's kind of a win win. And I am competing with these but at the same time, I'm not because a lot of times, you know, let's say I'm making my video about this right now, people watch this video, if my video ends up being good, then it funnels them into my video as well. It's gonna suggest my video.

Let's talk about one of the biggest time wasters in in here. So there's, there's a very popular plugins. So we add new that a lot of people recommend and I just think it's just a big way. It's just a big bloat. So this is the Yoast SEO plugin, you don't need it. I know it's got a bunch of reviews. It's got a bunch of random stuff on there and it distracts you again, titles, URLs, interlinking, and h1 tags, all that can really be done with the basic form of WordPress. And I like to keep it slim. There's another one that's a competitor all in one, SEO, see if I search that right.

All in one SEO pack. This is also very popular. Don't, I don't recommend it. And again, it's not there are some useful things in there. But there's it's like, it's like what you buy a new computer. And it comes with Windows. And it comes with all this other adds what's called bloatware. It's basically a big giant bloatware of the 100 things that it does, maybe one of them is useful sometimes, but you don't really really need it, you can usually do it and another simple way.

And then another thing I might change, I actually do use contact form seven, that's actually a useful plugin. And sometimes I'll do like a security one, a security plugin, there's lots of free security plugins or paid security plugins. It's useful, especially changing the the login URL, the default login URL for WordPress, WP dash admin, that's going to help increase the security of your site as well. So that's a really big test a lot of people they download this and look at all the features, and it gives suggestions, it gives grades, any sort of automated SEO grading software, in my opinion is a waste of time, because you just might as well not do it. That's another problem I have with like the keyword research tools that give these competitions scores that are just kind of an estimation, on an estimation and on an estimation. And if it's like, oh, well, this one says 80. And this one says 20. So you know, clearly this one's more competitive, you would have already known that from the beginning, you wouldn't need a tool to tell you that. All right. And so you know, that's something to keep in mind for that. Let's see. So if again, if you would like my simple plugin, no worries, leave a comment below. Also leave a link that you can go through to to get it.

If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel and like this video or again, if you leave any comments, I will, if you have any questions, I will respond. This is not everything that you could possibly do with on page SEO, but it is the critical factors, titles and URLs interlinking and H ones h ones are pretty much automatically done. And as you can see, I've actually got, you know, I've actually got some pages up, right, and I've actually got content. Let's go back to SEO.

And vertica actually got content. So if someone were to arrive on this page right now, they would actually be able to engage with it which Google does measure Google does measure how long people are staying on your site. And you better believe that when they if they watch this video on the site, then that's good for me. Yes, it's good for the video as well. But that's you know, so what I mean, who cares? Overall, it's just good for my site. And this is kind of a placeholder as I make my own videos. This is a sort of like a main category page. As I make more and more SEO videos, I'll just put put all those videos on this page. And eventually I will remove these videos. And you know, having engaging content is useful. So and then having the getting the page up as soon as possible is also very useful. So thanks for watching, and I hope you have a great day. Bye

The following text is an AI Writer‘s interpretation of How to Do SEO with WordPress:

Getting Started with WordPress SEO

If you are just getting started with internet marketing and have a limited budget, one of the best investments you can make is in WordPress SEO for beginners. The reasons for this are many, but one that is very important is that WordPress makes it super easy to build highly efficient and effective websites that will rank highly in the search engines. Another reason why WordPress is so great for people who want to start online businesses or blogs is because it allows you to easily add your own unique flair to your site. This is done by adding your own custom front page design, which is called a “rewrite template”, or a plug-in that will be used to add your own code that will change how your website looks.

WordPress is also highly popular because it is 100% free and it uses a simple system for submission and updating of content. No longer do you need to worry about paying a web designer to get your page turned into an aesthetically pleasing website that will draw in visitors from all over the world. With WordPress SEO for beginners you can quickly and easily create a blog that has a high page ranking and will draw in organic traffic from social media sites like Facebook. In fact, it is so simple that some people forget that they do not even have to know how to write HTML!

Why Choose WordPress as your CMS?

doing seo on wordpressOne of the most powerful features of WordPress for On Page SEO is the ability to use SEO plugins. Plugins are software packages that you install on your website in order to enhance it in some way. For example, there is a plug-in that will ping your blog posts to all of the major search engines when they are published. This can increase your rankings tremendously, especially if you optimize your page properly. One other great way to optimize your page and increase its page ranking is by using backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites that lead back to your site.

By getting a high page rank and organic traffic flowing through your blog post, you will be able to build relationships with other webmasters who will want to link up with you. These links will increase your rankings in the search engine results and provide you with the visitors that you want. Not only will you have the visitors, but you will also have the opportunity to earn backlinks in the process. This will put you far above the competition.

HTML, WordPress, and You

Another advantage of WordPress SEO for beginners is that you do not have to understand the inner workings of coding or the HTML code. You do not need to know the HTML tags and how to utilize keywords in the code. All you have to do is create great content in your blog post, submit it to the search engines and let the SEO work for you. As the search engine optimization works it will naturally drive more organic traffic to your site. This will lead to even more viewers reading your content and clicking your links.  Meta tags are also really easy to setup on WordPress.

One very important aspect of gaining the top rankings in the search engines is the use of keywords and backlinks. The use of keywords is so that your posts and blog posts are found by people searching the internet for information related to what you are writing about. Backlinks are a great way to gain the rankings that you want. Backlinks are incoming links from other sites that are directed back to your site. They can be from a variety of different places including other blogs, articles, directories, and social media profiles.

SEO on your WordPress Website

The world of search engine optimization is a competitive world. It is not for everyone. If you are not committed to learning and putting in the time that it takes to learn how to effectively optimize your website then you should not even consider starting a internet based business. However, if you are committed to learning all that you can about SEO and are willing to put forth the effort to do so then you could benefit from doing internet marketing with WordPress SEO.  Make sure you take advantage of how easy it is to install an SSL certificate on WordPress.

The best way for beginners to learn about using WordPress SEO for beginners is to join one of the many forums that is dedicated to this topic on the internet. You can even start a keyword specific forum if you don't have any one in mind right now that you want to join. From there you will be able to get advice from people who are actually successful with their websites and are experiencing everything that you may be one day. When you have a new site up and running and you have keyword optimized it you are now ready for WordPress SEO for beginners to start working on getting the page ranked high on the search engines.

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