Client SEO Pricing Discussion - September 2023

I got the following question a while back about Client SEO Pricing in the Operation Day Job Liberation Facebook Community — Full URL directly to discussion.

Have some challenges with pricing SEO for national client.

Metrics are taken from 3 sources Ahrefs (skewed badly on KWs competition), UberSuggest and serped :

Volume 490-590 with trend up to 720 last 2-3 months,

CPC 12-13$ upto $19 with 58-74 paid difficulty,
KWs comp 36-38,

Page one occupied by DR 70-80 big dogs with big pockets or very well aged sites.

Client is nowhere to be seen in first 10 pages. Site is year old with no work done until 2-3 months ago.
No GMB – client doesn’t want to use it 😔

Thank you!

PS. Just to add to ^^^ we’d be doing on-page, monthly PRs, links of course, branding and … those are major ones.

The short answer is that for any national client in a market of any significant level of competition, I would offer bigger packages — $2k/m-$3k/m minimum up to as high as $7k/m maximum.

I would start by doing my research into what keywords this client's target market searches…

I would combine that with the value of each customer into some estimates for what the potential market is for the client…

A shortcut for this would be using estimated organic traffic values from and/or

Go to the Full URL directly to discussion for the full discussion and to ask for more questions should you have any!

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