Critical SEO and Digital Marketing Knowledge and Skill Development - September 2023

Ignorance is not bliss.

Learning, growing, testing your skills, building your understanding are all critical to your success.

However, it is difficult in our industry to tell fact from fiction when it comes to training — especially as you're getting started.

There are a lot of aggressive sales tactics that work quite well and some people don't really care about creating a product that actually helps people.

Now, there are people who create excellent products that use aggressive tactics as well, so being salesy doesn't mean being scammy.

Still, there's a lot of misinformation in this area because being scammy can make someone a lot of 💸💸…at least initially…eventually it is not good for them or their business.

At the same time, there is a lot of mediocre stuff where people are genuinely trying to sell something OK to good.

Over the years, I've gotten better at weeding this BS out (not perfect though…sometimes you gotta take a risk).

So, how do you know how do you buy more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff?

How to find great SEO and Digital Marketing Information Products to Grow Your Skills Aggressively:

1) Accept that some things you buy will not be great.

If you don't accept some short term failures, you won't take risks on excellent products.

There are a lot of products that I was on the fence about and super happy to end up having purchased.

2) Try to buy things that are relevant to your current priorities.

This is difficult if you're just starting out, but try to make it as hyper relevant to what path you've chosen.

FOMO is an illusion.

One of the most critical pieces to success is staying focused on a single path for 1-2 years minimum!

3) Zero in on what the exact offer is. If the offer is unclear, don't buy.

Does the offer have real information of value…

…or is it fluff made to look like awesomeness?

4) Accept that you can't get every great offer and that it is totally OK to miss a bunch of awesome offers.

There are unlimited opportunities.

Again, FOMO is an illusion!

5) Accept that some of an offer may not be valuable to you. Are there any pieces of significant value?

Tons of offers will have pieces of low value and pieces of high value.

If you focus on the low value pieces that you're “paying for” then you'll miss out on a lot of great stuff.

6) Try to get to know the person/people selling the product better.

Do they consistently say things that are backed up by fact?

Are they being consistent with what they've said was true in the past?

Ask them questions, see how they respond.

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