Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review [John Crestani] - September 2023

In this Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review, I look at the pros and cons of buying John Crestani‘s product for 2019. John Crestani's Super Affiliate System (SAS 2.0) on Clickbank is a popular training product.

For some of you, yes it is still relevant and can help you grow your business and make money online. For some of you, no, it won't be relevant and won't help you grow your business. Watch the video for more details.

Rough transcription of the above video:

About John Crestani

Hi, this video is a review of the Super Affiliate system by John Crestani. I've gotten it, I've gone through a lot of it, and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. And in terms of like, do I recommend it, it's, it's not so simple. And so watch, keep watching this video, so you can understand what I mean by that, there's definitely some really good things about it. This is also a “John Crestani Review” as well because there are a lot of comments in here about him personally and how he represents himself.  And there's some things that kind of turn me off personally, that I would say are kind of like glaring omissions that you kind of have a problem with. But in general, I think it is a solid product, a good product from from a very specific angle.

Hi, my name is David Hood. And I bought lots of digital marketing products, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to grow my skills as super important to me. And in this video, I'm going to give you an honest review of this and what I think is kind of the pros and cons as well along with show you you know, kind of what's going on. On the inside. I've made well over a million dollars with primarily with SEO online, and I'm on a mission to help at least 10,000 people make their first 10 first million dollars online. Okay. So there's there's two, two issues that I have with this product. And then there's one thing I think it's named properly and improperly, that's probably one of the biggest things that I would I would say about it, I'd say an appropriate name would involve something like online advertising, online paid advertising, because if you look at it from that perspective on training on how to do online advertising, I think that this is like this product is right on point. And it's an excellent product from that perspective.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Product Information

inside super affiliate system 2 with john crestaniYou can see they go into basically every kind of ads, there's all sorts of different types of ads. There's, you know, native ads, which is there's a bunch of other kinds of ads taboola, I don't even I haven't gone into that kind of scaling your ads. And then there's some like really advanced ad stuff that he goes into, and some really good tips, he even gives some some kind of shortcuts to starting ads in that. Like, he'll give you a bunch of email addresses that are you can upload to Facebook, for a custom audience, for targeting, like these people have expressed interest in this kind of specific niche. And he'll give you a lot of these ads, which is really, really good and really, really useful. And I really like that. Okay.

So from that perspective, it's really great. The biggest glaring omission is going to be that there's nothing in here that talks about email marketing, there's nothing in here that talks about, you know, sending the ads to a squeeze page. Or, you know, how At what point do you capture their email, it's all about, you know, add to basically get it as fast as possible to the sales page, which is kind of contradictory to all the overall guidance and information that I've gotten out there. And maybe there's some truth to this, but I suspect not because john crestani, the guy who does this, he actually does email marketing a very, very aggressively, okay. And probably the biggest turnoff for me is that he actually will actually promote his own his own stuff heavily. by that. I mean, he asks you to promote his stuff. And so one of the primary ways in front of the easiest way is to kind of get started with his his thing is to is to use the ads to send them to his squeeze page. And while I think you could probably make money that way, you're essentially building his he's, you're paying him to help you learn how to build his email list. And then it's not just his squeeze page, there's another program, affiliate program that he recommends, which I haven't tested.

Is the SAS 2.0 Product Worth it?

So you know, I'm not commenting on like, how valuable it is or how useful it is, or good it is, but and he wants you to promote that affiliate program and kind of underneath him, I suspect that some sort of, it's a little bit like MLM, again, I don't think that this is, like bad, I don't judge him for wanting me to promote his stuff. That's not the that's not really the issue. It just is. Personally for me, it's a little bit of a turnoff, though the kind of the way in which he does it, especially when you combine it with the mixing of the not having the email marketing in there, which is something that he heavily does. You do get sort of his other program, the I internet jet set, there's several things in here. If you go to internet jet set, this is a little bit more about like non advertising type of marketing. But again, there's no email marketing in here. There's no capturing the emails, there's no follow up sequences, there's no broadcast emails. Nothing about that, which seems again to be a huge glaring omission, which is why I go back to sort of what I started with, which was super affiliate system to me is not accurate, it should be super ad system.

So actually, I'm not going to be requesting a refund. And I do recommend this product, if you're looking to do ads for your business to do paid ads for your business, which I am getting more into now. And so I'm going to keep this because there is some good stuff in here and I haven't gone Through every piece of it, I've gone through a lot of it, but I don't go through every piece of it. And I will go back and reference a lot of the information that he has on building ads, because I think that part is really, really good. But I think you kind of have to fit it in with your current business model. And you kind of have to figure out how to fit it with doing doing kind of email marketing. Now what you could do is you could just kind of copy his, you know, the squeeze page that he wants you to send somebody to you kind of copy that same idea which I think he he's very, very onpoint with that. And I wish that he would teach in here and I don't see any reason why he would not actually contacted support. And they basically said no, john recommends that you just just do ads, just try to become profitable your ads, but it seems like you're, you're on a you run on a hamster wheel like that. And that.

Conclusion about the Super Affiliate System 2.0 information product

You mean, it can be very difficult to make a lot of money and not impossible, they have some really cool case study in here. Remember, see if we can find it real quick. There's, there's a case study in here, where he talks about it, where he shows an example of an online marketing campaign that actually is quite profitable. So I'm not saying you can't be profitable with this with you without doing the email marketing, it just seems a little bit counterintuitive. And it's also not what he is doing. And this is my critical point here that I'm repeating because I think it's really important. I don't see why there could can't be a module in here about how he does he have a marketing and more I can talk about it. So although I would definitely recommend this if you're looking to do ads for your business, if you're looking to do affiliate marketing, I think that if that's kind of the context that you're looking at, I'm not sure that I can really recommend this just because I don't think that it is really a complete like affiliate marketing system. I think it's an ad system how to do online paid advertising, which it does really really well and I've never seen anything go this deep into online paid advertising. So that's why when I first started this videos like hey, you know, it's kind of mixed. I wish he had named it online at the best online advertising course or something like that so that it would be a little bit more accurate. So thank you for watching. If you found this video to be helpful, please like this video and subscribe. If you have any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment below and I will definitely answer it. Thanks and have a great day. Bye

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