Facebook Ads vs Search Engine Optimization - March 2021

Facebook Advertising and Search Engine Optimization on Google…

…are 2 of the most popular and, potentially, profitable methods of marketing your business or other businesses online.

It is fair to consider comparing the 2…

Even though, from some angles it is like comparing apples to oranges…

Other comparisons are quite fair and useful to look at.

For example, some online markets are just better for SEO due to the nature of how the target market acts…

Like if you get into a car accident, you are going to go to a search engine and search for something like “car accident lawyer”…

And the time where you are up for grabs as a potential client is limited…

Facebook Ads just can't do that

On the other hand, Facebook ads is creepy as hell when it comes to capturing your data and letting marketers (like us!) use it…

So, for example, they have a field that is “engaged within the last 3 months”…

Using this field you could laser target women who had been engaged within the last 3 months in specific geographical areas very easily and inexpensively with any of the many products and services that brides spend money on.

You can still capture these people with SEO, but it is a bit harder and will take longer to work…

On that point, check out more information in the following video:

Facebook Advertising vs SEO:

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