Long Term Viability of a Career in SEO - September 2023

I want to point out something that will seem counter intuitive at first…

SEO will be one of the most stable industries to build your career in over the rest of your life…

But, but, but, isn't SEO always changing?

What about Google's algorithms?

Allow me to explain…

There are 2 major considerations that both point heavily towards my conclusion.

(1) Just like lamp lighters and horse carriage makers, there will be many jobs today that will be obsolete or severely diminished in the near future…

Actually, these changes will happen MUCH faster than it ever has…

The rate of change is increasing…

Because society won't have need for these positions…

Another example is coal mining jobs — which have been declining for about a century due to automation and other factors.

(2) Some industries will definitely not go away in our lifetimes.

Plumbing (people will always need to poo), electricians, health care, and, yes, Search Engine Optimization will all be industries that will not diminish.

I believe that searching the internet is so incredibly valuable to society that it is now a staple of modern human existence that we basically won't ever want to live without.

The ability to know when Tom Cruise was born within seconds is incredible.

Even if it is not Google that is the primary search engine, SEO will still be around because people will be searching the digital database of human knowledge FOREVER

…unless there's some type of Armageddon type event…in which case, it doesn't really matter what industry you're in…

At the same time, amazingly, Google has held its #1 position in an emerging technology market for 20 years now…

This is mind blowing…

And it implies that Google will be a big player in search for many years to come.


So, if you want to be in an industry that will still be around in 20 years, SEO is a good bet.

It doesn't matter what the economy is like, people will search the internet in some way.

It doesn't matter where technology goes, people will use search engines.

Search is here to stay.

There aren't many industries that can say the same thing.

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