Google Maps SEO Rankings — What is Real? - September 2023

Beware putting too much stock in Maps rankings with any tool or method for checking.

They can vary significantly by location of searcher.

They can even vary based upon device. You can use 2 different devices at the same IP and get 2 different maps sets.

They can vary based upon the time of day.

They can vary based upon a person's browsing history.

I'm betting there are other ways they can vary.

I don't think any tool can get this perfectly because of these variations.

You should still track this stuff for sure, but being aware that it is not 100% accurate is helpful.

How do you track your Google Maps rankings? Have a favorite tool?

I've been using Pro Rank Tracker (automated) & (manual) to track, but I'm seeing some interesting tools that probably do a better job of this.

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