Why I Don’t Offer Web Design and PPC to my SEO Clients - March 2021

In this post I'm going to talk about why I don't offer Web Design or PPC or other non-SEO services to my clients…

I get marketed to regularly to “add an additional revenue stream” to my clients…

All I have to do is offer it up to my current customers and I can increase my revenue by 10% or even 50%!

So easy!!


There are serious hidden costs to offering a new service.

First of all, there are plenty of good businesses that offer these non-SEO services…

…so, I'm not saying these services are going to be completely bad for everyone and you're an idiot for offering them.

I do have a strong dislike for Web Design because it requires a lot of regular pings from the customer…

I have no desire to change the font on a website from 13 point to 14 point…

and then to 15 point…

and then back to 14 point.

That is my idea of hell

And it is very unproductive for someone who wants to focus on SEO.

Furthermore, SEO is often the most profitable service for you and your clients.

…I digress…Hidden costs…

In order to be able to sell a service, you have to be able to provide that service AND talk about it intelligently…

As a result you have to…

…have some experience with it (ding), stay up to date on major changes (ding), spend ongoing time with your clients talking about it (ding), maybe spend $$ on tools and resources to be able to service it (ding), be responsible for this area if something goes wrong (ding), have it take up space in your brain (ding), and spend brain cycles thinking about it for you, your business, and your clients (ding, ding, ding).

The “dings” represent costs adding up…

And I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few costs, but if I decided to support these things, I would not be doing SEO or talking about SEO or thinking about SEO — my core business and the big money maker — when I would be taking action on these different services.

Maybe it is still worth it or you can find people to manage this for you at a reasonable price to where you can still be profitable.

Yes, I've lost customers due to the fact that they wanted a more all-in-one service provider, but I suspect I've gained others who wanted an SEO specialist.

I also get to shit talk the other business that don't focus on SEO by saying that you can't be an expert at SEO and other Digital Marketing areas because SEO is complicated yak yak yak…

So, consider very carefully the true costs of offering an additional service. It is certainly going to be larger than you initially expect.

If you'd like to discuss with me, please leave a comment in the Operation Day Job Liberation discussion thread on this topic

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