Mailchimp versus Convertkit - May 2023

My video about the differences of Mailchimp and Convertkit.

Approximate Transcription of video:

ConvertKit vs MailChimp — Which is Better for You?

Hi, this video is about MailChimp versus ConvertKit. And there's a really surprising, top down attitude and one of these companies that I'm going to talk about that you really want to know before you sign up with either one of these. Also, I'm switching from one to the other. And I talked about that in this video. So my name is David Hood. And I've made well over a million dollars online, and I'm on a mission to help 10,000 people make their first million online. So let's start with the pricing, a lot of people want to know that. So they only show pricing up to 2500 here. So if we go to this Convert Kit at 2500, you'd be a little bit more. See if we have 5000, and kind of fill this out 2000. So it'd be 50 per month.

So ConvertKit is a little bit more expensive, but I don't think you should choose based upon price, I think you should choose based upon what fits you most because, and what saves you the most time or what enables you to do the things that you really want to do with your email list. Because that you know, extra 20 bucks here and there is not probably not going to make or break you but having the right list building software is going to make up could make a huge difference to you. Let's talk about MailChimp, I have a little bit more experience with them. And so we can just kind of walk through this is the main dashboard, we come in here and they change it over time I got campaigns and have a lot of is blurred out with the specific names of things but they give like an autoresponder which you know, every email thing does, they will talk about the opens and the clicks, they'll give you percentages.

Autoresponder Features

And they have aren't watching the RSS feed which is important. And so that you know, pretty standard autoresponder type things, let's go to templates, I don't really use this except for like a really, you typically try to do pretty simple emails. And so I like you know, I have a text only one here and I have another one for a simple website, it's basically just has the logo, and sort of like the social stuff that I don't think I think, you know, ConvertKit has this as well. So it's not like a really big deal. Let's take a look at the so they have lists. ConvertKit is kind of different.

I'm gonna show you how ConvertKit deals with that. And they have sort of like list wide statistics, which is useful. And then go here for reports. And this will show sort of like your click through rate your open rate industry standards. And you can see, I'm not a great email marketer. When they say industry is a very, very broad, and I've got several strange email lists that I think that don't don't really doing industry broad doesn't really make sense. I'm not gonna go into the file manager, let's check out they have they have it, we'll see if I can find the integrations. haven't used it in a while. Okay, here we go integrations, this is really important. See what they integrate with. So optimize your marketing. Okay, so Facebook, Twitter, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics, PayPal, update your list with a new purchase, you can see and actually part of the integration decent on this side, but on the side of the tools that are going to interact with this. So let's take a look at ConvertKit ConvertKit is generally going to be simpler. It's built to be easy to use and to take less time to learn. This is the uppercase a, you know I spent a day in school once but the schoolmarm claim that I just couldn't concentrate.

Email Marketing Companies

And actually, it well, it doesn't have all the features that every other email marketing company is going to have, it actually has some features that are unique to it, that make it really, really easy to use. So one thing that they don't have is they don't have don't lists. They have some, they basically you tap, you tag the things up to be different subscribers. And in case you can't tell by now this is much more empty, I'm actually switching from MailChimp to to ConvertKit after doing quite a bit of research and looking at several others. I think that I don't want to be a professional email marketer. I do so many other things in my business, that it's actually really important to me to have something that is quick and easy to use.

And there's a lot of time saving things in ConvertKit and the way they deal with like tags and segments is actually really smart and automations isn't autoresponders it's sort of how like they have When something happens do this, which is pretty unique to them, it's not the same. And other ones, it's actually, it's very intuitive. So we can just do just do like a new automation. Create automation. So let's say someone joins a form. And here we go. So add event. So they join the form. And so we go here. So we're going to action and we're going to add them to an email sequence. So I don't have a sequence created right now, but it was just Okay, so we could do that. We can do an event. See, condition, these are more if something happens, but we do delay, move subscriber set custom field. This is this is really flexible, and it's actually really intuitive. I haven't used it a whole lot, as you can see. So I want to show you one of the things I will like the most, from here. Let's go to settings here. Okay, this is really, really great. And this is so much easier and simpler to do.

Incentive Emails

Then in any other email marketing that I've seen program I've seen is sending incentive email. A lot of times when you're trying to get a an email from someone, you're giving them what's called a lead magnet, or you're giving them an some reason to join. It's not just Hey, check out my newsletter, which used to work, but now it's like, well, I don't need more emails, you know, you're offering them some sort of thing in return, cheat sheet, top five tips or whatever. And having to deliver that takes a lot more steps with with MailChimp than it does with ConvertKit. For sure. With this, you just do send incentive email. And you can do a URL or download actually auto conf. And this actually works as a as their confirmation. That's what's beautiful, beautiful about this, when they click to download, or they click on the link that takes them to something, this works this, this is the double opt in, which is what you want, you definitely want I've heard people say, Oh, you know, you get a bigger email list without double opt in, but you get potentially fake emails, your email says real, it you just you just want you want to double opt in and you want them maybe went to their spam, and they need to actually move it not to their spam. So this forum serves as the double opt in, which is really great. And I also like how, let's go into, like their sequences. This is, this is brilliant how they do this. So we're going to build a sequence here real quick.

Email Sequences

And we're going to do a sequence that I have yet to build out yet. But it's so simple how they do this, it this is just a lot easier with MailChimp, there's a lot of like, going through different screens, and it just takes a long time to build the to build these emails out. And when I was playing with this, I'm just like, super, super impressed. And with how fast and easy it is to interact with this, it's so it's so streamlined and so fast. And I prefer the simple emails, which I think that most people do just like an email, like I would be sending it to someone else in Gmail, okay, like I'm sending it to a friend. That's really what I what I'd like. And that's kind of their default, I don't have to go through all these weird templates. It's not like real awkward. I think these emails are better. And this is where email marketing is going anyways. And so I like the, the the format of their email. And you know, you can do publish, you can send, you can also do if you do zero, it doesn't immediately, you can choose when you do immediately, you can't choose the days, but let's say I don't want to go on the weekends, we can do that. You can also do there's a stay on page, let's save all settings, you can do. This is like sequence wide settings. Okay.

And what's so important, again, about this is the simplicity and the ease of use and how fast it is. If you if it takes less time to use this and you can spend that time doing other things in your business than that then that's a win. Okay, so another reason why I'm searching for MailChimp, this is one of the things I mentioned when I when I first got started was that one of the things that they kind of hate on affiliate marketing, and it's just sort of a really, I don't, well, they kind of have workarounds, and people say oh, well, you can do this and then you technically follow their their client sequencing. I just don't like the attitude that because a lot of the people that do list building, they sell affiliate products. There's nothing wrong with that. If you're selling crappy affiliate products, that's wrong, but there's tons of people out there who sell good affiliate products.

So that whole attitude is a real deal breaker for me. It's a real it's the reason why I switched why started the process of looking for another company to go to Okay, and it's just super important that the company that I'm giving money every month doesn't think of me doesn't think of me skeptically doesn't think of me as a bad person for doing affiliate marketing. It's not exactly true. So good, do your own research on that, but it's just sort of a deal breaker to think like that I don't mind paying a little bit extra, if it saves me time. And long term, who knows, maybe MailChimp will change their privacy and some of those loopholes and change their rules. So those loopholes will go away. Okay, so you know, it's just the the people at the top that have decided that they don't like affiliate marketing, or they're going to make affiliate marketing harder. For for the customers, that's just, I just don't like that. I originally joined MailChimp A long time ago, because I liked kind of like the fun, silly attitude of them. I don't I think they kind of got away from that. And maybe they've been bought by someone or maybe they had a major management change it was many years ago when I joined them.

The Winner

But ultimately, I think ConvertKit is just going to be better and more efficient and take less time and be able to do it does some really cool things really easily and I just I love the sequence. This is so much better than any other email marketing program. Anyway, thanks for watching. If this if this video was helpful for you, please like or subscribe or subscribe, what email marketing software use, please comment below with that and maybe you know if you have specific experiences of one one or the other. If you've gotten MailChimp to work for you let me know about that. If you switch to ConvertKit A lot of people have let me know about that. There'll be some links below describing different things that I've talked about in this video. Please feel free to check that out. For more information and thanks for watching. Have a good day. Bye

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