Uncommon Google Maps Local SEO Tip — Super Localization - March 2021

Here's an uncommon Maps SEO Tip (related to both Client and Lead Gen SEO): Add super localized signals everywhere you can. 🗺️

Your GMB (Google My Business) maps listing doesn't just rank in the same place all across a city, but can rank wildly different for difference places within the same city.

By super localized, I mean make your business and GMB relevant to specific parts of the city you want to rank in.

This can spread out your GMB ranking footprint.

How exactly do you do this?

Well, I'm going to give the full set of methods I've been testing and continue to test (with some excellent results) to SEO Client Attraction System and Passive Stealth Leads System members…

But, I'll give you a taste…

I suggest thinking in terms of POI's (points of interest) within your target city…

Add signals that make your business, website, and GMB more relevant to these POI's via On Page SEO, GMB settings, and Off Page SEO…

For example, let's say I want to rank in downtown Dallas, but my listing is not near there.

I would add signals that make me more relevant to a POI in downtown…

Let's say, for example, the Dallas Museum of Art…🖼️

There are many ways to give Google signals that my business is relevant to the Dallas Museum of Art…

The stronger those signals, the more likely I am to rank in the Maps when someone near the Dallas Museum of Art searches for the niche that the GMB is in…

I hope this helps even though it is a bit incomplete

David Hood
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