Beware of Working with Marketing Agencies! - May 2023

Public Service Announcement: Beware working with marketing agencies!! 📢📢📢

See my email exchanges below where a marketing agency is OK with me giving them pushback

I've tried working with several over the years — I get contacted by marketing agencies looking to partner with me regularly.

…and sometimes we move forward moving together, but…

In all cases but one, it has been a poor experience.

Yes, they can bring in a lot of business, but…🐙

They either try to Walmart you by asking for a discount and justifying it by saying they're going to bring you a lot of business (see discussion I just had below)


They pay consistently late because their business model is based upon doing work and then billing and twiddling their thumbs while waiting to get paid 30-60 day later (or longer!).

This one I learned early on in my business…ended up getting stiffed a few times too.


They want you to spend tons of time reporting and discussing exactly what you did and why (a service I don't offer for a reason — it is wasteful)

I recommend being clear and firm on how you work. They will try to push you around.

Don't let them! You're the expert and they need you more than you need them!!!

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