SEO Client Attraction System Closed For Upgrades - September 2023

— 08/31/2019 — Update: The SEO Client Attraction System v2 will open temporarily on Thursday, September 26th…

I'm adding some new content to make the product even more valuable…

For example, there's a whole new “Maps SEO” module that is unique and shows all the techniques I've used recently to “jump ahead in line” with my GMB listings…

Yes, I'm a line cutter when it comes to ranking myself and my clients!

…and more…stay tuned!

— 07/21/2019 —

I've decided to rework, refresh, and upgrade the content, offers, etc for the Passive Stealth Leads System.

So, for now, all new membership registration is closed.

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…to make sure you're notified when it opens again.

I will only open it for a limited period sometime in August or September of 2019, so, if you're interested, make sure you are paying attention to your emails or the Facebook community!

-David Hood

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