Online Only SEO Business Mastermind


Summer Camp for Serious Digital Marketers:Mastermind in the Mountains event in August 2021

Pick one or both…whatever works best for you.

SEO Biz Online Mastermind:

Objective: Bring together a small group of SEO business owners and leverage everyone's experiences and situations

  • Get help with your biggest SEO business's challenges…
  • Contribute in powerful ways to other people's businesses…
  • Get the latest from me (David) on Maps SEO…things I wouldn't reveal in a product setting.
  • Build long standing colleague/friendship relationships that bring tons of value to your life
  • Everyone has blind spots.  Have yours exposed so you and your business become much stronger.
  • I will reveal my whole business strategy in detail

For some people and businesses, my experiences and knowledge can be used to unlock major opportunities otherwise available.

How would you like several others, including myself, to help look at your business?

…to be able to pick out some of the blind spots you may have…hey we all have 'em…

…so, how valuable would it be for me to be able to catch the big opportunities before they pass you by

…or to catch issues before they become large…

Would you like to have another perspective on some of your business issues from someone who has a lot of experience with SEO, Maps SEO, Clients, and SEO Lead Gen?

That's me and I will obviously be very active in the mastermind.

Let's get to the core of what makes your business tick and how we can grow your business better, faster, stronger.

You will get the latest scoop on all my most up to date techniques and concepts…

…top secret stuff that I don't reveal to the public

The nuts and bolts: we will have 1.67 mastermind sessions a month for 12 months…8/12 months we will have 2 & 4/12 we will have 1.

I joined an online mastermind a few years back and a guy in there helped me make an extra $52k directly

…and I still talk to a few of the other guys about business and they've helped give me a fresh perspective of my challenges from time to time.

A mastermind can do the same for you…


Summer Camp for Serious Digital Marketers: Mastermind in the Mountains

When: Fri, Aug 6th – Sun, Aug 8th

Where: In the Colorado Rockies just West of Denver

Objective: Mastermind & Have Fun in The Rockies in the Summer

Would like to mastermind with other badasses in a fun way in beautiful nature?

  • Meet face to face with other badasses who are making money
  • Have fun and unique experiences to build stronger relationships with other ambitious business owners…
  • Have fun in the sun in the amazing Colorado Rockies…
  • Optional to put you and your business on the hot seat and have everyone make specific recommendations to grow your $$ faster
  • See inside other high performers' businesses and what is working and not working for them…my (David) business as well is included

First 3 to book will get their rooms paid for 3 nights at the following location:

Networking with others who have either been there and done that or who are working through it right now has been INVALUABLE to my business over the years.

Furthermore, again, like the online mastermind above, getting direct feedback from others working to build their businesses can provide you and your business with outstanding results.

I can't tell you how many times I've had casual conversations about powerful concepts in my business in a networking setting.

You will have a choice of many great options: hiking, white water rafting, golfing, fly fishing, and more…

…some of which we will do as a group.

I know I will definitely be hiking and white water rafting.

I will also be celebrating and having tons of fun and/or relaxation time in the beautiful Rockies…as I hope you will as well!

Some sample Summer Camp pictures:

Interested? So, How Much?

NEITHER are as much as the $52k I made directly (+ other excellent indirect revenue help)…

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