Ways to earn money online ($100+/day) with YouTube - March 2021

YouTube can, all by itself, make you a full time income…

There are loads of people who make a full time income JUST making and publishing YouTube videos.

Most people don't know that YouTube is actually the 2nd biggest search engine in the world — it gets more searches than Bing and Yahoo combined!  YouTube SEO is an important skill to learn and develop!

Furthermore, YouTube is also a suggestion engine — relevant videos get suggested to view in the right sidebar.  Having your videos suggested on other people's videos can be a huge video traffic source.

There are several different ways to make money with your YouTube videos:

  • You can make ad revenue
    • You need 1,000 YouTube subscribers & 4,000 video hours watched within the last 12 months to qualify for turning on YouTube ads
    • For some YouTubers (their self-identified label — not mine!), ads are their sole way of making money with YouTube
  • You can sell other people's products (AKA Affiliate Marketing)
    • No minimum requirements to qualify for this
    • Some YouTubers buy products and services and shoot review videos for them with links to places where you can buy the product/service.  If you click through that link and buy, they get a commission.
    • This, when done well and for the right market and products, will typically make you more $$ per view than ads
  • You can sell your own products and services (what I primarily use my YouTube channel for)
    • No minimum subscriber or video hours requirements to make this possible
    • I shoot videos for targeted searches that my target market searches.  I provide value in those videos.  Then I try to get them on my email list with a link to a free resource in the YouTube video description.
    • This, when done well and for the right market and products, will typically make you more $$ per view than any other monetization method…but this is also the hardest way to make money

Some great YouTube videos on how to earn $100 a day using YouTube:

David Hood
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David Hood

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I've been working full time on my online business since 2012.

My primary revenue sources are Client SEO, SEO Lead Generation, and selling Information Products.
David Hood
About David
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