How to Setup a Google My Business Page - September 2023

How to Setup & Optimize a Google My Business Page for Local SEO in 2022:

Approximate Transcript for the above GMB Setup and Optimization video:

Hi, this video is about how to set up and optimize your Google My Business listing, the first thing you want to do is you want to go to, you could do usually I do business by, but it forwards to slash business, they'll take you to the same place, you click sign in or manage now and it should take you to here, if you're already signed in, and you want to put in your business name so first of all, the business name does have a huge effect on what you rank for. But you don't want to just I had a client come to me and they had just slammed in a bunch of keywords, they've put like, their actual business name, and then they've listed three or four keywords and that helped them rank but then it got suspended because it's against the terms of services. So because this is supposed to be your official business name, like what is on in like your, when you register with with the state, or wherever your your business is registered.

But there's a little bit of flexibility here and I like to I do think it's important to put keywords in here which is why if you have a business name, you want to have keywords in your business name, and technically you're not supposed to put the city but there's a lot of franchises that have like like franchise city as their that's their actual business name. It's registered for the franchisee as that so let's let's pick a dummy company and let's go with school Joe's plumbing. So Joe's plumbing, let's do something that isn't gonna show up a lot of stuff. Let's do Joe's Joe Zimmerman Zimmerman's farming company. Alright, so it looks like there is a Zimmerman plumbing company, but we're gonna just go ahead and go here. And this, and we're gonna select this as the one because this one we want. And so the fact that there's plumbing company in here, now let's actually say, we want to do Dallas, let's go and put Dallas in there.

Now that's not technically we wouldn't, we're not supposed to do that. But it does help with the rankings, and you're usually are going to be able to get away with it. Okay, so Select all that apply. Some of this is new, they they're always changing this. No. But now customers visit, let's go ahead and click that even though people don't come to the actual location. What they're trying to ferret out is here is should the address be shown publicly or not publicly, and there are pros and cons to each one. But overall, I think it's better to have your address shown, even though technically, this is supposed to be what they call a service area business. And we'll do that one as well. Okay, so get started. So it this category is really important.

So what I would, what I would do is I would go to I would search let's just search plumber, and let's see what the other people who are ranking or what their categories are there. It's right there. plumber, plumber, plumber. Okay, so that's what we're gonna pick. plumber, right? All right, so we're gonna do next. See this local? Yes, we want I want this. I know that for a lot of plumbers, especially if you're doing this at like your house or something you don't you want to put no and that's technically what you're supposed to do. But it's better. There's several reasons why you want to do it there. Okay, so I've picked a random address, let me put it in. So this is an address of an apartment complex I found and so we're just going to add sweet 1234. Okay. And that's going to be our address right there. Yes. Aries your service. Now, here's something that's optional. What you're going to want to do if you don't know, if you haven't done this a lot, you're gonna want to put in just a crap ton of areas to serve all over the world, or, you know, all over the whole Metroplex area.

I'm a plumber, after all. in Dallas, there's a lot of suburbs in North Dallas after some giving, so there's a lot of suburbs nearby, why don't I just put all them in, you can maybe put in one, but I recommend just just sticking with the the main target area that you're going after? And not doing more. Okay, so you do want to you are going to need a phone number here. So I'm just gonna put a random phone number 5678901. Okay. And, you know, I think it's better to have a URL and the optimal URL, especially if you have multiple locations. If you have one location, you just put your homepage URL. But if you have multiple locations, you're going to want to have separate URLs for each one. So I'm going to go Joe Zimmerman plumbing I'll find out let me do this man. Let me put in a fake domain. Let's see if it slash Dallas. Let's just let's just see what happens.

Okay, let me let me do that. Sure. Why not? Okay, so it's going to ask me verify it. And I'll do Joe and see more options. Other options, I could just verify later. So I don't I'm not gonna send a random postcard there. It definitely wouldn't work there would be no it no to good. Get it. Okay, so this is good, you can add custom services, we'll go ahead and follow through some of these suggestions because I would do them anyways. And there are tons of things in here and these are all things that you want to rank for. I'm pretty sure you know a plumber, you know there and this isn't the end of it, you know, let's see, do we have hot water heater on here we go. Repair water heater, do we have install water heater? What about Tankless water here? install tankless water heater, repair, tankless water heater. We've also got leak detection, I'm not going to go into all of these. But there's tons and tons of different types of service, especially for plumbers picked up a bad example, because there's tons of these different ones you want to go in here and you want to fill this out fully.

And that's kind of a theme here, you want to fill this out as much as possible. For a plumber, I would do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now obviously, if your business if that's not your business, then you know don't do that. So I'm going to fill all these out. And again, you want to fill this out as fully as possible. Any of these, you don't want to press skip unless there's this one where they asked you to do ads. Actually, I don't like this one. I don't want to accept messages. I just don't want to feel like I have to log into Okay, so here, you definitely want to add a business description, call us for plumbing services, 24 hours a day, and blah, blah, blah. All right. Good. So you also do an add photos again, all these things are suggesting you don't want to just click Skip skip skip, skip the if you're looking to request a card, it decreases the chances that the that I'm sorry, decreases the chance that once you get the card that there will be a suspension, it also decreases the ability for it to rank. And there's a lot of stuff you can do with the photos or some some tricks in there that are a little bit beyond the scope of this, there's geo tagging the photos, you can you know, save the photos, as you know with keywords and their name is that as the file name, you can even especially on on on a PC, you can add like tags and a description to the photos, I do recommend that you do that. And that's helpful.

I'm going to skip it for now. But just because I don't have photos for the Joe Zimmerman's plumbing company, Dallas, but I would definitely add as you know, five to 20 photos right here and now. Right as you're verifying it, or if you have already verified it as soon as possible. And Google will suggest this to me as well. This is the could one of the few things I would actually skip. I don't want to start with their ads. Okay, so get started. Alright, so now I'm in the back end. And let's assume that I've got it verified, I know that it you know, wants me to be able to verify it. And maybe there's a few other things that I can't do or won't let me do but you know, and it'll also suggest what's 8% complete. And some sometimes even if you've added a logo, it'll show this. That's important. But let's go to start with info. So you can do posts posts are somewhat helpful. I think just being active in the Google My Business Page is kind of optimizing it just showing that you're a real business, it did let me put in the wrong address, add special hours, sometimes it'll, it'll offer these and then just go in and confirm these. Again, we're fully filling this out, because this is what like, you know, this is this is what Google what a business owner who cares about their business will do. Maybe there's some attributes here. I'm not sure there's anything I guess we do on site services appointment required.

Maybe we do staff wears masks, something like that. Okay, so we got opening date, you could fill that out. Let's see. So if you get reviews, you should respond to them. We already have the photos, the services, that's what we did. And again, there's so many other services that you can do here. I do like to create the website, let's see if it'll let us. So it's creating the website only takes a second, it's actually useful for something for you to link at, you can embed this website and other properties. This is actually you can add links to this website, it's actually pretty useful. So we're gonna click the More publish now I usually just whatever their default is, and then we can just view it. And I'm gonna take this URL, I'll probably remove this, this quote, question mark true. And you could see that's not a bad URL, you can you can, you can share this in different places. I would link to it from my site, from my website, and maybe even embed it into into my website or other places. Okay. And usually what I'll do is I'll make one post, you know, create my first post and I'll link back to there.

So since I'm not verified, I don't know if it'll let me first. First Call us for it. Laming blah blah blah and we're gonna learn more and we could and we're just gonna do what was the Zimmerman's let's go back to here just copy this URL or maybe you have like a contact form a contact URL we can do contact right here and again I you know there's a lot of people like oh you have to post all the time I think it is helpful to post but again I think it's more about being active and engaging with what Google with Google's brand and using their stuff they like that I mean their company that makes money the more that that you engage with their brand they get more data it helps build their company because you're kind of essentially doing that here so let's let's make sure I didn't miss anything we can go back to the info and here's where the service areas comes into play you know sometimes it'll if you pick the wrong things where you pick to where you're I just won't show up it actually won't show here maybe what we could do this is actually a very far North Dallas there's a city close by we can put Richardson I don't think this really helps you rank in Richardson but we can go ahead and do that right now.

Okay, so it's still asking me to verify let's make sure Okay, so I've fulfilled that pretty much everything The only thing I really haven't done is the photos are in a good description you know, I would put keywords in description and I would fill that out a bit more. But basically this is now you know, assuming that I would get it verified This is now at least within the Google My Business dashboard. This is now an optimized listing as far as as far as we can take it right here. Again, if you get reviews you want to respond to those reviews. That looks good for conversion as well as you can add keywords into the responses and that does help rank a little bit and I would add more services and more photos and then I would do the other things that I've talked about in other videos and inside the maps SEO ninja training course that I have gone over there's a lot of stuff you can do on your site along with off the off page SEO that can help your maps ranking and along with some kind of weird stuff so let me know if you have any questions if you have any other suggestions anything else that you think that should be done to the Google My Business Page please


a comment I'm happy to respond you know, I don't know everything. Or you know if you liked it, just like it and subscribe for more videos like this. Thanks and have a good day. Bye.

How To Setup and Optimize a GMB Listing

In a world dominated by Google, it is important to learn how to setup a Google My Business Page so that you can capitalize on this search engine giant's massive advertising dollars. A website that uses Google AdSense as its only form of online marketing may be a fool's dream. The company will not spend money on sponsored links or advertising on your site until you are ready to engage in the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing model. However, this does not mean you cannot do anything about your site's standing with Google. You can, in fact, use the search engine giant to your advantage. This article describes the benefits of getting into a PPC campaign with Google.

Google AdSense can be implemented as a stand-alone page. You can put up an easily navigable site page and earn commission every time someone clicks on one of the sponsored links on the page. Or, you can use Google My Business Pages for Local SEO, which serves as a page within the Google site. This allows you to display more information about your business, build links from the page, and get better search engine placement.

You can create a free Google Places account and add your business' listing to the service. Google AdWords is another option for pay-per-click advertising. You can use Google AdSense to advertise your local listings. Your ads will appear on Google local searches and other Google local searches. Google Maps, a free service provided by Google, is another tool you can use to improve your local search positioning.

You can also earn additional revenue by adding Google business and local links to your site. This will help you get more reviews. Google business links work as links to your Google business page, which will in turn link back to your site. Local citations and recommendations from local businesses work well with Google.

A Google blog is another great way to promote your site. Google's blog site offers an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your expertise. You can write posts about your local area or about the products and services you provide, and then Google will publish these at your blog site. Google's blogging site also offers a rich range of helpful tools, which you can use to enhance your blog, including site maps, content and RSS feeds, discussion forums, and more.  Checkout this guide to learn more.

Local Businesses

Google's local business section features a searchable listing of local businesses in your area. To set up your Google Business Page, go to Google and click Tools in the left menu. Under Location, select your city or region and choose a list of business categories, such as Beauty Salon, Home Repair, or Locksmiths. Next, type in your business name and click the Select List button. Google will then present you a map of your selected category, which will show you a list of local businesses near your location.

As you can see, there are many ways to establish a presence online with a blog and a business page at the same time. You have the chance to make a long-term impression on potential customers by establishing a professional image online. Once established, Google Places and Google Blogs will continue to provide you with traffic, which will result in more clicks on your Google My Business page, more customers who will sign up for your email mailing list, and ultimately, a stronger foothold in the online marketplace.

In summary, a Google My Business page is a great way to bring awareness to your business, as well as drive local traffic. You can also use your Google blog to further strengthen your brand. Finally, Google Places and Google Blogs allow you to showcase helpful information, such as links to press releases, photos and videos that highlight your business offerings. Remember, the goal is to build a strong online reputation for your business, and Google is the perfect place to do it. Now you know how to setup a Google My Business page and use blog marketing to enhance your online presence.

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