How to Get Google Reviews on Google My Business Pages (GMBs) - September 2023

Why Should I get Google Reviews?

Getting Google Reviews on your GMB listings is very important…

…not just for your conversion of visitors into customers…

…but also for your Local SEO purposes.

Google is less likely want to rank businesses with no reviews and they like to rank GMBs that have of good reviews.

As far as SEO is concerned, getting Google Reviews is the most important place to get online reviews

…for some industries, the Google reviews is everything because no other platform matters.

How Do You Get Google Reviews?

In the following video, I talk about How to Get Google Reviews for Google My Business Pages (GMBs):

Approximate Transcription of the above How to Get Google Reviews video:

Hi, in this video, I'm going to talk about how to get Google reviews. And first of all, why should you get reviews? from an SEO standpoint? it's arguable that it's actually a direct ranking factor, I think it is, I think there's reason to believe that the actually having reviews and having good reviews is a factor in Google's algorithm. But it definitely is an indirect factor. Because you people will engage with your brand a lot more, let's say this anko plumbing had a 2.7 star rating. So 4.7 star rating, they would probably not rank there very long. Because see, especially sitting next to these other competitors, no one's ever gonna, why would you ever click on them with the other ones have such have a much better rating, so and Google does track engagement, and they will see, Hey, no one's ever clicking on it. So what's the point of putting it there? So you definitely want reviews. And it's not just about conversion, it is about conversion as well, in terms of you know, them actually buying your products or services. But it is also about actually ranking your Google My Business Page better.

And how many reviews should you get. So we see here that all of these have about somewhere between 102 100. So first of all, I would look at the competitors that you're going up against and and use that as a little bit of a guide. And at the same time, I think you only need one review to get this colorful star rating. If you have no reviews, then you don't get this color here, which is an significant factor into engagement. I think really, I like to see, properties have at least a few and sometimes just a few is fine. You know, but I think seven plus is when you start getting to seven to 10, it starts to look pretty good. And people start to trust the data more, I don't really think there's a big difference between 77 and 177, to be honest, and once some I see some listings that have like four or 500 Plus, and to me that doesn't seem natural, except in some extreme circumstances.

So in that way, I actually don't trust those as much. So I think maybe there is also kind of an upper limit to how many reviews Now, that doesn't mean you want to tell people to stop reviewing you. Or hey, you gave me a good review, but I have to remember reviews already, you know, I wouldn't worry too much about that. So I'm also going to show you in this one I'm gonna show you a white hat way to get reviews, I'm gonna show you a kind of a gray hat way and then I'm also gonna show you a blackhat way that does work. But you know, technically Google definitely definitely doesn't want you doing it. So first of all, the white hat way is pretty simple. In cons so let's say watermark plumbing is my business where to go it's not showing here, okay, let's just go to have this other business up. Alright, so let's say this is my business the intro at Midtown, I could just search it up and just copy this link and I just share this with customers happy customers. I can include this in marketing and concluded and invoices and reports etc. I can include it on the website too. Hey, review us now. If you're within your Google My Business dashboard, and the back end will give you a different link. But it'll take you to essentially the same place. I think there are some times there's things that pop up that take people directly to the writer review for us.

If I click I think I can copy this link. Let's let's try this in a different browser and see what happened. So I'm copying this big jibberish link and I think it takes me a little bit more to the reviews it's a little faster so you can send that to them. You could even use like a link shortener to shorten that down so that they don't you know, see this super long gibberish that looks kind of sketchy.

And that's gonna shorten it just a little bit for them. And this is actually useful. This is how sometimes you know, this is how I get some my reviews and this how Google I think wants you to get your reviews. So the gray hat way would be to get customer feedback from people but there's some there's some people who are who are fine telling you but they only they don't want to spend any more than just like a few seconds, they're not going to do a review that they're happy with your services. And so you get their feedback and you have someone post it for you. And you can ask friends or family you can you know do the friends or family thing with even without even asking for feedback to actually post reviews.

Now, a quick warning on getting other people to post for you. You know if you have you know this business in Dallas, and if I have a friend in New York City, I don't think I want him to post a review of my my business you want for a local business which you would you know most of the time, that's what I'm seeing that you're doing with your Google My Business Page optimization. You want somebody who's actually who actually could be a target customer, and that would be ideal for for your business, too. So local friends and family as well is what I would recommend for this. So this is where you would pay someone to basically put up fake reviews for your business. And I cannot comment directly on how on how valid This is and how much days they stay up. I can't guarantee that they'll stay up But I do know a lot of people do this and for the most part they do stay up and a good website for this legit is a good one although it seems like they've kind of scrubbed their site there are still people who sell on here but you cannot find them in a more roundabout way I've searched reviews on both of these I don't think we're Fiverr is where I'd go these are sort of like more the conquer and legit and I think there's there's a few other ones have are more kind of SEO focused types web type websites. So you really want to be careful with what you purchase on these websites.

Because a lot of things that are that are junk but you know and ironically you do want to look at reviews for these so you want to find one that has good reviews so let's actually go to conquer and so Google reviews they have some thumbs up and thumbs downs so you know nobody's perfect you know I would click through and I would read what what they what these are and you can order these for your listing and they'll post a review and a lot of times what they do is they have a bunch of Google guide accounts where they're doing a bunch of activity and you'll notice a little bit of a trend so to where some of these reviews you know the names will be a little weird or it'll just be like someone who will be talking about something they're the kind of pretending to be a lawyer or something and and the picture looks like someone who's really super young or or like a doctor or something like that so that can be a little bit strange but you know most of these will stay up and it's very rare that a listing is at least based on my experience now maybe that you'll find the wrong guy you know again I would read the reviews of the review thing which how much can you trust them but I think you can trust them enough that to where I haven't seen any anybody talk about hey look, I did this and a bunch of these got taken down unless they did it themselves.

There are some people who just hey I'm just gonna do this myself I'm just gonna create a bunch of Google accounts and they leave a massive footprint there are ways around that to where these people are not leaving a footprint and they're going about it and and a good way and I know that some of these do stay up for a very long time and so they can be very helpful but they're it's kind of expensive and and so you know, you're probably not going to want to do 100 reviews like this but if you have no reviews or if you just have like one or two, then you know this can really help you and I'll I'll put a link to this below and hope to these two websites and use at your own risk. And if you know of any other websites and other ways to get reviews, please feel free to comment below. If you have any questions comment I will I will respond. And if you liked this video, please like and subscribe for more videos like it. Thanks. Have a good day.



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