Google Maps Listings - September 2023

What are Google Maps Listings?

Your local Google Business listing is now the number one resource for consumers searching for local businesses within a certain area. The Google Business list appears in the location section of Google Maps, and provides users the ability to browse places classified by proximity, or to simply search for local businesses by name. Local SEO (search engine optimization) strategies are crucial to your business's success, as it's important for potential customers to find you in your own local area. The following are the top five local Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2021…


Google Maps marketing is all about local seo; therefore, including a good GMB SEO strategy in your overall local business information strategy is essential. Include links to your site throughout your Google My Business listing. Make sure your company is included in all of your local business information, as well as any blogs or corporate sites related to your company.  Don't forget about the good GMB SEO tools out there as well.

Google Maps Mobile Responsive Design

As more people rely on their mobile devices when searching for local businesses, optimizing your business listings on Google Maps with responsive design will give your website an advantage over your competition. To be competitive in local Google Search Results, make sure your website designs appropriately fit the mobile user experience. Ringtones, buttons, menus, etc. must all be designed to be easy to use and clear for the user to the best of your ability. This will help to ensure your ranking in the Search Results. This is especially true for mobile search, as it is easier for users to navigate and access the information they're searching for, especially for those with limited mobility.

Google has taken the initiative to develop mobile optimized Google Maps marketing to help increase your online visibility. Checkout this Local SEO Guide. The mobile optimized Google Maps will be a first step towards your goal of increasing your ranking in Google search results for specific key terms, as well as geographic areas. With this service you'll also be able to generate and share positive reviews about your local business with your current and potential customers, increasing your overall visibility and brand recognition. As more businesses explore ways to build stronger customer relations through Google, this will only increase your chances for success.

Google Maps Marketing

With Google Maps, your online presence will extend beyond just your physical location. Businesses that use this local maps listing service will be able to promote themselves locally using Google local listings, as well as their Google page content. This will help to create local momentum throughout the entire marketing process. It will also give you the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience, as well as generate increased brand recognition.

Local SEO Rankings

In order for your local SEO efforts to be successful, you need to optimize your web pages within Google Maps. This can be done by optimizing each web page, as well as the meta tags used on each page. You want each page to rank high for specific key phrases, as well as for general terms. Google recommends using the keywords as a title tag, and within the first couple paragraphs. Google Maps will then optimize your web pages to rank highly for these keywords.  Don't ignore your local citations either.

Google Local Business Dashboard

With the Google local business dashboard, you'll be able to view your rankings for keywords, as well as get detailed information on the specific areas of your business that you are optimizing. This provides business owners with additional insight into where their customers are coming from, as well as how those customers are moving around their area. This dashboard makes it easy for local business owners to optimize for specific areas, helping them to achieve higher rankings for key phrases.

Google Maps is an excellent tool for search engine optimization when used in conjunction with other advertising formats. If used correctly, Google Maps can provide your business with an increase in rankings, as well as bringing in more traffic. Google Maps is a free service, but remember that not all listings are included in this offering. Contact a local SEO provider to learn more about ways to optimize your Google Maps listings for local search results.

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