Clickfunnels versus Kajabi - September 2023

Clickfunnels and Kajabi technically do A LOT of the same things…🤔

However, they end up implementing and being useful for very different parts of your digital marketing software stack.

In short, Clickfunnels is made to be a sales funnel building software…🔻

…and Kajabi is made to be a simple and easy to use digital product membership delivery platform

They both do sales funnels.  Clickfunnels does it much better.

They both do membership sites.  Kajabi does it much better.🏆

They both do a lot of other similar things…

Watch my video below to figure out exactly what they each do poorly and well and what I use each software for in my online business:

Check out a few more excellent videos about the differences of Clickfunnels versus Kajabi:

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