Top 5 Local SEO Tools - September 2023

What Are the Best Local SEO Tools?

When it comes to doing Local SEO, there are some tools and software that you absolutely need and some that are very helpful and, sadly, some that are worthless.

On this page, I'm going to cover the first 2 categories only because the 3rd category is a looooong list.

(1) The Best Local SEO Rank Tracker

First of all, you need a rank tracker that appropriately tracks Maps rankings…

…and the old rank trackers that give you a single data point of ranking for each keyword just don't cover what is really needed.

You need a tool that tracks geogrids…otherwise you're not really tracking your local SEO rankings.

My chosen tool that I've used for several years is Local Viking.  Click here to checkout Local Viking.

(2) Local Prominence WordPress Plugin

This nifty, quick, and easy plugin is great for creating extra localized relevance that increases the proximity influence of your GMB's.

I shot a video review of this plugin:

(3) Maps SEO Dominator WordPress Plugin

My plugin that I obviously think is good 🙂

The truth is there's a lot you can do on your website to improve the rankings of your GMB listings…

…and the Maps SEO Dominator plugin helps guide you to those opportunities.

Click here to checkout the latest Maps SEO Dominator Plugin offer

(4) Article Forge AI Article Generator

It might sound weird to list an AI Writer here, but stay with me now…

…one thing you can do to improve your GMB's rankings for a wider range of local keywords is create pages on your site about those specific topics.

For example, having a page on your site for, say, “leak detection” dramatically improves your GMB's rankings for that keyword vs if you did not have that page or if you just a blurb about it somewhere.

Therefore, the natural conclusion is that you want a page on your site for all the unique keywords you want to rank for.

So, if you have a lot of different keywords (plumbers have 100+), then that is a LOT of content to make.

Enter Article Forge.  You can make a lot of content fast with it and very inexpensively.

(5) (or any other) Image Geotagger

I use to geotag my images, but it is certainly not the only tool out there that will geotag your images.

Geotagging images isn't going to shoot you to the top of the Maps rankings, but it does help your rankings and gives you that little extra relevance and trust in Google's algorithm, so I do recommend you mark up and geotag your images.  These images can even help your local citations and online reviews.

Article Written by an AI about Local SEO Tools:

Local SEO tools are just as important as those used for global search engine optimization. The global search engines will recognize the relevance of a website's local presence. Local SEO helps local companies compete at a local level, whether you have thousands or hundreds of local locations. Just like global SEO, local keyword analysis and competitive analysis are necessary to building a strong local SEO strategy. But just as global search engine optimization can be confusing, local SEO can be more so.

In local SEO, the most important factor is the quality of your local business name. Your local business name should reflect the character of your company. It should be easy for people to remember, easy to spell, and short. Avoid names that sound generic, have odd combinations of letters and numbers, or are too long. One of the best local seo tools is Google's local citations.

Google local citations, which are a collection of information about a business, shows the business name in the title, description, images, and in the search results rankings. You can analyze local seo ranking factors and local citations easily online. Google has an entire site devoted to local search engine optimization (SEO). This site offers plenty of information on how to improve your local seo ranking factors.

One of the pros to Google local seo tools is the easy, yet powerful, navigation and content customization. If you already have an existing web site, you can link your content to your Google local SEO tools easily. This allows you to provide your potential customers with all of the information they need to find you, without losing the unique aspect of your web site. Google provides excellent technical support for all of their products. If you have any questions or concerns, Google provides toll-free numbers and customer service chat sessions, so you can get answers immediately.

Google local SEO tools provide the key elements that are necessary to begin improving your local SEO strategy quickly and efficiently. These tools include the local Google Maps (GMB setup guide), Google Webmaster Tools, Google Blogs, Google Current Features, and more. All of these tools provide great ways to increase your local SEO rankings.

One of the important things to remember when using local search engine optimization tools is to provide as much accurate, up-to-date information as possible to Google. Google has been notorious for removing inaccurate or outdated information from its results. If you do not want your local citations to be removed, make sure you submit recent information to Google. Google does not keep detailed records of local citations. This is why it is so important to use local SEO tools and a Local SEO Guide that provide up-to-date information about your local business.

The Google Knowledge Panel provides many valuable tools to local business owners. In addition to a business name checker, the Knowledge Panel provides a list of local citations, along with maps and detailed information about them. You can also find out important contact information for city and county agencies, such as business tax, legal, sewer, fire and building departments. Google's map viewer allows you to see where your potential customers are located, and you can even create walking trails and mark key points to promote your business.

Google is notorious for updating its algorithms frequently. One of the best methods to stay on top of what's happening with Google is to utilize local content optimization tools. Google's current local content ranking algorithm changes frequently, and it's critical that you stay up-to-date with Google's latest updates. Google is constantly adding new features and new tools to help local businesses remain competitive in local search. Utilize local SEO tools to your advantage, and get ahead of the competition by understanding how to optimize citations and maps.

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