Jarvis AI Review - September 2023

What is Jarvis AI (AKA Conversion AI)?

Jarvis AI is an AI Writing Software Tool that seeks to save time and cost on your content generation needs…

…it is arguable whether or not the content it generates is worth the time, energy, and cost.

For sure there are many text generating situations where you would definitely not want to use the content made by Jarvis (or any other AI writer) exactly as it gives it to you.

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What type of AI is Jarvis?

Jarvis is based on Open AI's GPT-3 system…

…this is the same AI backend as every other AI Writer.

If you would like to create your own AI tool, you will need to get into Open AI's waiting list…

…I've tried to get access to their API, but have not been successful yet :'(

I have evil plans for my Artificial Intelligence software 😈

My Jarvis AI Review — Is it any Good?

The short answer is…”it depends” …

  • …it depends on what you would define as “good content.”
  • …it depends on what types of articles, blog posts, product descriptions, etc you want generated by the AI
  • …it depends on where you plan on putting that content
  • …it depends on who will see the content generated.

I shot an honest Jarvis AI Review video with a lot of detail about my opinion on whether it is any good:

Honestly, I prefer Article Forge to Jarvis in most circumstances in my SEO business.

How much does Jarvis AI Cost?

👉 Click here to checkout Jarvis AI 👈

Jarvis AI has 3 pricing levels along with a 7 day full money back guarantee:

  1. Starter level at $29/m or $288/year
  2. Pro level at $109/m or $1080/year
  3. Boss Mode level at $119/m or $1188/year

jarvis ai review pricing

Below is an approximate transcription of the above “Jarvis AI Review” YouTube video

Hi, this video is a review of Jarvis AI, the AI formerly known as conversion.ai. And I think my experiences have been pretty different than others, I see a lot of people out there, touting Jarvis AI as the best tool. And I can't help but wonder if that is just because it is the most expensive, and therefore the affiliate commission is the highest. It's certainly an excellent tool. But there's some ways in which I don't like it. And there's some ways in which I do like it. And I'm gonna give you some use cases and which one I which what AI writer I prefer, right now. And really, before I dig into, like using Jarvis and what it's like, I kind of want to step back and look at what is the objective of the air writers. And to me, the objective would be to reduce your into one of two things really, and ideally, both to reduce your content writing costs, and be to get contact content faster.

It's not just that it can be expensive to get good quality content. But it also a lot of times takes time, you have to deal with people, you have to hire people, you have to test people, people go on vacation, people get sick people, you know, go away. And so to me that the speed with which you get it is important. And it's also a part of the cost too. So, to me, if you spend a lot of time having to use the eye writer, then that reduces his value significantly to me. So let's actually start here, they do have a lot of different so actually, let me go to the pricing because there's different options.

And I have boss mode. Let's let's take a look at the pricing for Jarvis. So right here, this is the pricing at the at the least expensive one. There's some things you don't get, you don't get unlimited words. And they don't allow you to write the the long form content. And they don't have to look back to look back is actually really important. Along with some other some other nice integrations, I do have boss mode. And I mean, it is definitely recommended because you get all the features. And you want all the features with this. Because you want to be able to use it as quickly as possible. And especially if it does fulfill the promise of significantly reducing or even removing the need for the content writers, then $120 a month is actually pretty inexpensive. So they have a bunch of different templates right here. SEO Services pages, you can put in here description service, I don't know how much that really helps, versus just starting from scratch with something like this. So let's pick an article type. And let's just start using it. And let's see what happens.

Okay, so first of all, I filled these out, we can actually there's different types of freaking a different types of patterns, there's also different ones, let's do, let's just do professional. I want to point out that I did type this myself a quick description 300 out of 600 words, and you know, it takes it took me a couple minutes to do that. So that's something that should be noted in the cost here, just to fill these out. And you're going to want to do this with just everything else. Let's go ahead and title this on page SEO. And so another thing that if you go into the pro tips, and you watch how to do this, they do suggest that you begin writing on your own. So let's just copy this, and put it in here to give it kind of a starting point. Okay.

And then what we're going to do is we're going to hit Ctrl J, and it's going to write and so it's going to continue to write. And so what I would do is I would control Ctrl J and then we're going to we're going to see what it's writing. Okay, so I'm going to add some spacing issues. on your site is on point you're able to increase your Google rankings to get more traffic without any connection to backlinks or their best seo practices. And this is a little bit awkward right here. But let's let's leave it the title the webpage should be easy for human visitors to understand on its own. The main thing that it has in common with the titles in search engines to kinda doesn't make sense, but it's okay. I guess again, I'm not expecting here's the thing with all the writers that I've tried and seen there's they don't ever get it perfect on the on the on the first try. And there are some things in here that are pretty good. So it looks like it's about to start into like a list. So I'm curious as to how it will handle that. Let's keep reading. And it should be descriptive of the most important keywords on the page. Okay, the main thing that it has in common with titles on search engines, okay, let's actually let's just delete this without any let's just say let's just say without any backlinks, so we're going to edit it right as we go along as I think we're I believe that they recommend that you're supposed to…

Okay, the header in the body. A good on page SEO factor that users on Google CRH tags, which are divided into two sections, the header and the body, the on page, so it lost, it's supposed to look back, but it lost track, it looks like. And sometimes what you can do is you can go, Well, you know what I didn't like what they did and delete it, and I'm gonna rewrite it. But I want to continue, I just kind of want to document all the things that it's doing the on page, as soon as your article COBie improved if you include keywords in both these sections. So H tags and header and body are not the same thing. So we got this very wrong. And that's fine. Again, it's an AI, it's thinking that H tags and header and body are perfectly you know, suit, header and body are HTML tags. You have that and you have body. But they are not H tags, H tags are h1, h2, h3 h4. So definitely got that wrong. But it's better to not overdo it on either sections, as Google has gotten more sophisticated identifying when and off when on page optimization is used excessively, excessively. And both of these sections, so what we could do is, let's go ahead and delete this because it's just bad. On page article, we improve the cookies in both. In can your H tags, right? can include necessary in both the URL and title, let's add our own little expertise, the URL title of the page. But it's not. It's not but then this now this makes sense. Okay, so Okay, content on the page should be useful for your visitors and content on the page should be it's should be it's on point on what the title is about. Okay, did not get that that is really weird. Like, should be useful to your visitors. And then it should just end right there. Alright, if all on page aspects of your site are optimized, you can expect to get more visitors on a consistent basis with any without any other SEO practices. Well, a lot of people believe that. So it's not exactly bad for it to put that URL, even though it isn't true. So it's great. Good luck on your on page SEO and make sure you check out my blog for good optimization tips. Well, how does the no one done?

on a regular basis and article? Okay, so why did it choose to end the article? I do not know.

I think you know, if we do, I've tried doing the long one, the longer one to hopefully get better, but I felt like it was slower. And sometimes it's repeating itself, and it's airing out. Okay. So right now they're writing these long articles that you definitely wouldn't want to put on a site. Now I have given this to a VA to use, and the VA generally liked it to create content because they weren't a writer. But already I pause this video for about five minutes. Already, we're looking at 13 coming up on 15 minutes. And I wouldn't say we have a good article, if I were to want to use this on a site. Now it depends on the site. If it was like a pbn, or like a lead gen site where the quality of the content really doesn't matter that much. It just needs to be unique. And and not like total garbage. Then with a few simple edits, it'd be fine. But I wouldn't ever just like smash the ctrl J a bunch of times, and then and then copy and paste it to to an article unless I really really didn't care about the quality because the quality is pretty low. Let's actually let's go ahead and give this a space. I don't know why there's an article. Let's delete that and let's do a few things. First, what we're going to do is we're going to put this in a copyscape

put in the copyscape. And let's see what it does. And we're also going to go to Grammarly.

And we're going to do new we'll see what kind of score gets 55 which is not good. And it did pass copyscape. So that's good. So but the grammar was pretty poor. I don't it's I don't understand also why they don't just have like a write 1000 words right here and just have it write 1000 words. I think that that would be useful to some degree for the the AI to know ahead of time that hey, this is going to be 1000 word article. That's what we're looking to get as opposed to me having to click This over and over again, and don't like that personally. And I don't understand why other people don't make a point of that. So basically, now you're hiring a VA to click the button. And the quality of the content is not that good, really, to be honest, it's not that good. I definitely would never use as a money, money, say, I know people who use do use it as a money site. But the reason they're able to do that is because they edit it heavily. They come in here, and they spend 30 to 60 minutes making an article, and it will comes out as a good article. But I think about that, and I think, okay, what's the cost of that? Look, the cost of your time? What? And then what are some alternatives? What's the quality that comes out of it, I think that To be honest, it'd be less expensive and less work overall, to just hire a writer to do that. And now maybe a VA can do it. So maybe with the tool, and the VA can be a little less expensive. And so they would need to have good English skills. But again, I'm not sure that's that much better than just having a VA go out and write the article by themselves just do the research. Because as you can see, in some of these things, like the the data that they pull, is not necessarily accurate, it might be linked together. But they there's going to be some significant disconnects, which is going to be true for most AI and pretty much all the AI writers out there. Let's just say there's gonna be a disconnect AI makes connections that technically those things are connected, but it's not, it doesn't understand the full context of those connections. All right, and it actually got a much lower score than I expected on get berrimilla hadn't hadn't put that into grammar yet. But that's that's a that's a really poor score. It's, you know, maybe I can copy and paste this on to a PDF, maybe. But you know, the fact that I got such a low score on Grammarly indicates that Google is going to be able to see that as well. And maybe, maybe you know what, let's actually let's delete this lessons, make sure it's not just the slight lessons isn't just killing it, I guess it's probably not. Oh, egg went up by two points. So that is concerning to me. So again, we're on the boss plan. This is maximum power, it's supposed to look back. It's got 600 words. This could become a good article, but I would need a lot of edits for it. So Meanwhile, I haven't run into it this time. Sometimes it's buggy. Sometimes I click the the Compose in it. Like it'll like write sentences and duplicates. Or it'll just write garbage and see again, you have to delete it and redo it. Or just sometimes it just felt like I couldn't use it. So again, I don't know why other people, it was September of 2021. I don't know what other people who have been using it months before, presumably when it wasn't as good as it is now, or not having these issues, maybe they don't care as much, maybe they aren't doing the math on on, on the time that it takes to do this and comparing it to hiring a writer or you know, giving a beat just having a VA write an article versus having a VA go in and do this, I really don't think that there's going to be a big difference, especially because having to edit something is very consuming. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you what I have found that I like a lot more and has saved me a lot of time, and it's less expensive. And I think it fits more with how I want to use articles. So none of these articles with AI are going to be the eight plus articles where you're going to be shared on the internet and going to be the best articles ever. But I do look to for them to be reasonably good.

So here's what we're going to do, I'm going to take the same article, I'm going to use the one that I prefer, which is article Forge. A lot of people say it doesn't arrive as good content, I think I'm going to show you that it provides better quality content with much less effort and much less time. So on page SEO, URL, let's say page title, I must have put in a few more things here domain name, H tags, okay, you can do up to five, and I'm gonna do seven. So I can choose the length. I'm not gonna do any of these image to create an article. Now I do want to start. So it's 11:53am. With the stopwatch. I can just start right here. So I'm going to start that right here. I'm going to watch this, I don't want you to have to watch it. But I'll come back to it whenever it's done. I usually only takes usually takes three to five, maybe as long as 10 minutes and to create the article. And then when you can create up to five articles at once. And again, like I said, I want to point out when I'm recommending this, if you I'll put a link to Jarvis because it is a good tool. And I think there are some use cases where it could it could work pretty well. If you buy Jarvis that makes me more money than if you buy art before. It's because article forge is much less expensive and actually Let's look, let me show you the pricing, it's actually unlimited for $27 a month annually, that's $324 per year, versus 119 times 1214 $100 per year. That's substantial, substantial differences. $1,000 less per year. Okay, I'm going to pause while at well finished this article and see how long it took. Okay, just finished up. Let me grab the timer, about four minutes to write the article. So let's, let's actually take a look at the article. And so keep in mind, this is not four minutes of me doing stuff. This is four minutes where I could go to the restroom or go do something else. And you know, give a few more articles. Go do some other tasks. So this is actually the actual time it took me to put that into there was very small. As you saw, it was only a few seconds. Okay. Okay, so let's let's kind of read this article and see how good it is. First of all, sometimes it spits out articles that are not good for or not relevant for some more complicated issues. And sometimes it adds in stuff that shouldn't be in there like for if I'm doing like a plumbing article, sometimes it'll have a city name in there kind of randomly. So it doesn't need to be checked a little bit. Meta Tags are among the most significant on pages who effectors? I mean, not really not correct. I guess the the page title isn't present a meta tag, I never remember exactly what they did find the meta tags, the main title tag, especially when you're just getting started each page, but it's not exactly it's not bad or wrong to say that in terms of like, it's not like meta tags are cheese. Okay, especially each page has a main title tag that appears in search engine results as an introductory headline. That's correct. The other content that is contained on that page, the body of the that page, yes, sort of the content is divided into two areas. The H tag, okay. Okay, sorry, somebody called me. The content is divided into two areas HDI which are generally in the h tag of a pages title. Okay, that's wrong. And the meta tags, which include all the keywords, metadata and site wide descriptions that you want people to know about your page. That's correct. The meta tags should be included in the URL for for better indexing by search engines. Tags must appear at the top of your page, even if they don't have an actual tag, okay? But I wouldn't say that Jarvis's content is better, for sure. Well, it's actually In fact, I would say the kind of the flow of this is overall better. And it does have some suggestions, but let's just take it as it is. Let's go to copyscape and let's first let's see if it passes should pass copyscape Okay, pass copyscape and let's also check Grammarly. Because this is this is a really big indicator of kind of the quality of the content. And in my experience, this is consistently getting low to mid 80s. This is good. This is much better than what Jarvis sped out. And again, it was faster so hopefully you could see why I prefer this tool. Now it's not like that I'll do a full review of Article forge there's definitely some downsides to it. But there's a lot that you can do with it. You know, you can't do the longer articles but the longer ones you can only do so many at once. Maybe I think it's five and there is a book one but there's only so much of the bulk that you can do and it takes a long time when it when it runs the ball but I know this is more about Jarvis so let's jump back to Jr. and recap. it you know it does some

AI writing. To me it's I don't know why people are saying it's the best one. I can't I don't see it. It provided lower quality content, it was more work that is more expensive. And it just I don't see how it would be so much more cumbersome for me to use it for like a pbn. Like what article four is provided is totally reasonable for like a pbn, or like a lead gen site where most people, there's not really going to be that many people of anybody that will ever really see the content. It's about the fact that it passes grammerly at a much better rate is an indication that Google is not going to It's gonna be so bad that Google's gonna go What is this junk? Because Google, you better believe Google has some sort of Grammarly part of their algorithm. And so you know, you could even have VA, get the article from from article Forge, put it into Grammarly and make some tweaks to it. Or you could have an editor you could have a VA or the the article forge articles and then send them to an editor for cleaning up. I don't think that's necessary. And but I none of the AI content writers would I use as is for like a really important money site page. I am going to run a test for like a new money site where I'm going to try to use all the content and see see how that does. I don't expect you to convert Well, very well maybe what I'll do is just for like, like the top paragraph, I'll add my own kind of copy to try to sell to people but because I wouldn't use this, any of this content to try to sell, so I would give Jarvis actually a thumbs down mostly because if it was the only AI writing tool out there then I probably would I would give it a thumbs up, but it's not. It's the most expensive and I don't think it provides the highest quality so if you liked this video, please smash that like button, it doesn't cost you anything and subscribe for more content like that and to see some of the other reviews that I that I'm going to be doing and if you have any questions or you have any comments or you disagree with me completely, or I missed something in Jarvis or miss something in Article forward, please feel please leave a comment and I will respond. Thanks and have a great day. Bye

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