Article Forge Review - September 2023

What is Article Forge?

New Article Options with Post to BlogArticle Forge is an AI Writing Software built on GPT-3

…just like every other automated article writing software out there.

GPT-3 is a platform released by Open AI.

It enables all the AI Writers out there to function!

Specifically, Article Forge is built to…create articles…duh!

Actually, this is significant because it looks like most of the other AI content generators are NOT built as an article generator.

My Article Forge Review — is it any Good?

Article Forge Review -- Bulk New ArticlesWell, how “good” it is depends on what you're trying to use it for, what types of pages, who (or what) will see those pages, etc…

…I wouldn't use the articles Article Forge creates right out of the box as sales copy because the wording and flow of the articles can range from a bit awkward to very awkward to just wrong or bad information.

To the left, you can see the “bulk article generator” interface…

…where you can quickly make dozens of articles quickly and easily…

…that all pass Copyscape…

…and that have a Grammarly score of 80+.

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However, I do think Article Forge's text can be useful for SEO in several different contexts:

  • YouTube description content
  • Expanding on your current content as I've done on several pages…you can even note that it is “AI Generated Content” for the user…but Googlebot will still crawl it!
  • PBN content
  • Local Lead Generation content

For more details about what I think about it, check out my “Article Forge Review” video:

Article Forge Screenshots

Article Forge API Usage
API Usage
My Articles
My Articles
Article Forge Post Scheduler
Article Forge Post Scheduler
WordPress Blog Add
WordPress Blog Add

👉Click Here to Get an Article Forge 5 Day Free Trial👈

Article Forge vs Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI is one of the most popular “competitors” to Article Forge…

…I put competitors in quotes because, while they are both based on the GPT-3 framework, they go about things very differently…

…and look to meet pretty different objectives.

Article Generation

Jarvis AI, for example, strangely, does not have an article generator where I can say, “gimme a 500 word article.”

No, Jarvis will generate only a little bit of content at a time and you have to click a button (or press ctrl-J) repeatedly.


Both Jarvis and Article Forge will pass Copyscape almost 100% of the time.


However, when I put Jarvis' content into Grammarly it gets scores in the 50's while Article Forge's articles consistently get scores in the 80's

Ease of Use

I found Article Forge to be FAR easier to use than Jarvis.

Article Forge has a much simpler interface that is quicker to use.

That said, Jarvis has a lot more flexibility, so you do get some benefit from the complex usage.

For my purposes, however, I want to get in and out as quickly as possible with my article generator.


Jarvis AI costs $29/m or $288/year, $109/m or $1080/year, or $119/m or $1188/year and there is no free trial option, but there is a 7 day full refund option.

Article Forge has simple pricing — unlimited articles for $57/m or $324/yr with a 5 day free trial option.

Even though, technically, you can get Jarvis' lowest cost plan and come in lower than Article Forge, the yearly pricing is roughly the same and Article Forge has no limits with access to all features with its 1 plan…

…so I think it is fair to say that Article Forge is less expensive than Jarvis AI.

Article Forge Pricing
Article Forge Pricing

For more info, I made some comparisons in my Jarvis AI Review video:

Sample Article Forge Article Creation Software Generated Content

I asked Article Forge to create an article titled, “Article Forge Review” LOL

…this is what it gave me:

Article Forge is a popular free content creation and management platform (CMS) which enables users to easily create and manage dynamic web content. It also facilitates the production of short-form content such as blog posts, press releases and sales letters. Users can use this software to build search engine-friendly long-term content. Article forge enables users to manage their content easily, quickly and economically. This article describes the advantages of using article forge as a content management system.

Article writing is a time-consuming activity. If you want to write an article quickly, you have to research and analyze related information first. This will consume a lot of your time and energy. To make the task easier, a good content management tool should be able to simplify the whole process. A good example is the article forge. It allows a user to quickly build long-term and short-term content by eliminating tedious researching and analysis of related facts.

Another advantage of article forge review is that it helps in building backlinks for websites. Backlinks are important for a website's SEO or Search Engine Optimization. These links are crucial to a website's ranking in search results. Since this is a high-quality CMS, a user can optimize his or her web pages and blogs easily with this software. A good content management tool must provide a wide range of tools. Some of these include a page submitter, a page editor, a content processor and a page creator.

Jarvis ai is a content management tool that offers a free trial. If you are a newbie in the industry, it would be a wise move to get acquainted with this platform before spending money on a package. This is because this outstanding software has a number of powerful features. Features like a drag and drop page editor, a fully featured generator, a RSS feed reader, a custom landing page, and a fully integrated file manager all make jarvis AI a good choice for site creation. In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish this from an advanced website creation program.

Writing unique content is now a major challenge faced by online writers. This is because readers need to have a variety of information to hold their interest. A good tool like jarvis AI will not only help a writer increase his or her article production but will also benefit authors as well. One thing to note about this amazing application is that it helps writers save time while increasing productivity.

Another plus point of this amazing article generation tool is that it will automatically revise your articles to make sure that they contain fresh, useful information. It also makes article generation a breeze by allowing users to choose from a large number of templates. All you have to do is input the required text and the rest will be done automatically.

To sum up, this is a new powerful article builder with a number of unique features. Although it is relatively new, jarvis AI still stands out when compared to other similar tools in the market. It is a good tool to use for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a fast and effective article creation tool that will help authors save time while producing high-quality articles. The software also has a number of advanced features which will definitely help you in your quest for writing better content and increasing your profits.

With the help of article forge, you can easily achieve both of these at the same time. It will automatically revise your content, and help you generate more unique articles with ease. This will help you achieve success in your online business. All you need to do is invest some time to learn how to use this amazing tool.

AI Generated Transcript of the above Article Forge Review Video:

Hi, this is an article Forge review video. And in this video, I'm going to show you all the different features of Article Forge. What I like about it, what I don't like about it, what's good with bad, I'll show you the pricing and dig down in it so that you can make a good informed buying decision. I'm gonna compare it a little bit to some of the other AI writers out there that I have played with, and tell you which one I like the most. So first let's, let's look at the pricing. So this is actually pretty inexpensive compared to other air writers, especially when you consider the yearly 27 per month, that's $324 per year, which is pretty inexpensive, considering some of the other ones are over $100 a month.

It's nice to be less expensive, although to me, my choice for which one I like the most has more to do with whether or not it fits the features because all of them are going to be less expensive than a writer, not necessarily that they can replace a writer, I'm not sure that really should be your objective in all cases, but in some cases, it kind of can. So for me, I do a lot of SEO. And that's the context of my purposes for this. Some of the other article writer and some of the other AI writers are probably better in different circumstances that have nothing to do with SEO, I think that there's a lot of SEO out there that I do that doesn't need super high quality content, it does need to pass copyscape and does need to have Grammarly and it needs to be as quick and efficient as possible to write a lot of just kind of mediocre content. And for me, that was kind of what drew me to Article four is it seems to be tailored to those SEO purposes.

So that's the context of the situation, which helps make a decision. If you're not using this for SEO, then, then this video might not be the perfect fit for you, you'll still show you all the features. But the context of my recommendation will probably be a little bit different than for other for other writers. So first, let's, let's see, let's see what the new article This is the primary screen that I that I use to see what a new new article process looks like. So basically, we put in a keyword, and I'll make some suggestions. Let's actually just take their suggestions mobile app development. And I guess I don't have sub keywords from a what, let's let's do something different. Let's do something that I do know about let's do plumbing company. Alright, so let's do plumber, let's say kitchen plumbing,

let's say leak detection. So you can do up to five, if you do more than five is just gonna pick five at random. Let's do toilet repair, and maybe Drain Cleaning. Okay, so these are gonna be the sub keywords it's gonna use here, I'll show the bulk generator in a minute. Now, he these are the options you have, it's pretty limited in the amount of options. But at the same time, unlike all the other era AI writers I tested, it builds a whole complete article that kind of flows. If that makes sense. It's not perfect, but it flows more like as opposed to with Jarvis, you're kind of clicking and it's a bit more disconnected. Even though even on boss mode, we're supposed to look back it's a bit more disconnected. And it's not like oh, I just Jarvis write me 1000 words, you can't do that you have to click the button a bunch of times. Sometimes it provides junk, you got to edit it, stuff like that. And so let's let's actually do, what I want to do is I want to do the long article. And I'm gonna show these options in a minute. But I want to set a timer and see how long it takes.

So let's just click this, and we're gonna go back here, and we're gonna click Create new article, my guess is for even the longest one, it's going to be about four or five minutes. And you can only do so let's say I want to do another article. You can only do up to five at a time. And there is a bulk article generator, as I'll show them and there's an API that you connect into, but that while the other articles that you get are limited, that's something I didn't mention with the pricing, it's unlimited. Except with sort of the bulk of the API there's I think I want to say it's 200,000 words a month that you get which is still quite a bit but I still don't use the bulk very much. Just because I feel like it's actually a bit faster just to go ahead and put in new articles.

I'm gonna I'm gonna pause this and then as soon as this is done, we'll check the stockpot. Okay, just finished. Let's check our stopwatch out Wow, that was that's pretty fast. That's faster than on average. But let's click to see the result. And let's check to see. Let's just kind of look over real quick to see the quality of the article. When looking to hire a plumbing company. There are a lot of things to look out for to make sure that you're getting the best practice the press price for the job. Hey, that makes sense. It's always a good idea to compare prices of different plumbing services, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes you don't have time to compare prices bah, bah, bah. So what do you do you hire a plumber from a larger plumbing company, okay, sure. So I'm not gonna read this whole article. But if you want, I guess you can pause the video and read the article. It's not always the text that comes out doesn't always make sense. But it's usually it's generally pretty readable. And the one issue that I find with this, probably the biggest issue is, sometimes it'll overuse the word so it'll be plumbing will be in here, like 100 times, which is too much. And it becomes obvious sometimes when you have x when I have acronyms in the article, I have this one acronym for, for a project that I'm doing, and it's all capitals. And when I make the article, it's really obvious that it's in there.

I mean, it's summer for your word article, it's in there, like 30 times, so I have to go in and deleted. And actually what I can do is, does make some suggestions. And then I can save so in my records, it's there. It's there as is, but let's just take it as is and we're gonna put it to copyscape. So far, none of these have failed. copyscape. Alright, and so far, it's also been pretty consistent in Grammarly with like a high 80s Yeah, 87, which is actually really good score when I did Jarvis, it was like in the 50s, which is a pretty substantially different, different score. So that that was good, I can also take this and I can post it to a WordPress blog, if I want to, I don't really use that feature, I'm going to show that to you in a second.

But I prefer to post it myself. And then you know, I'm going to, I'm going to want to make edits to it anyways, and Add to add links and add h2 tags and add images, I think they have images, they can pull any videos that they'll they'll they'll put in there, let's let's actually look at that, let's Here we go. So the I pretty much always have these all turned off. But if I wanted to post it to my blog, I don't use this either. But you could, I don't really recommend it. I could choose a blog. So I've got actually got a canonical tags article. But I could also just go in here and select keywords and do save and it's going to publish this article directly to that blog. Let's actually do create new, I've already created one, but let's just do one from here. And let's see what it looks like.

I haven't selected any WordPress data. I don't know what that means Hold on, publish, post as default categories, tags, keywords to be posted that I did select one pairs ad selection, there we go. Okay. Create new article. Okay, so it's processing the query. Like I said, it is different than the H tags. So let's leave that going for now. And see there we go, it's building the article and show show you some of the other feature. So there's both articles, you can upload a big list which is useful. It's I feel like it's a bit slower than the normal one, which is why I don't use it a whole lot and there's a limit but you know, if you want it to be if you had Okay, the set of keywords, you can see kind of their template here, you can build these pretty easily with like an Excel spreadsheet, or just a notepad and just type them all out. Okay, I need 30 articles for the site and put it in here, run it overnight and, and wake up in the morning and have those 30 articles. That is a valid use for it. And so I got there by if I go back to home, I just do new article, there's just button switch to switch to bulk article generator.

And you could even have them posted to your WordPress blog, which is why this was kind of like Wait, what individually select which keywords. And so that's why it's like let's do keyword research, search engine optimization, on page SEO, Search Engine Optimization, let's say link building, or let's say meta titles. So now let's go down here. We don't want to rewrite it. So this is actually made this was made by the same company. I believe that made work makes word AI. It already comes out passing copyscape. So I don't really know why you want to rewrite it. But let's choose the blogs. Let's see if at all. So you could book a select and then post but I like using these for for pages. I mean I just think pages are just generally better. I know that blogs. Google doesn't differentiate between blogs and pages, but there's some there's a reason why I have as pages I just I think they're a little bit useful in the extra little bit of work. So I could I could have these posted directly to my blog, but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that. So let's go ahead and but that's pretty neat to be able to just be like, Hey, I'm just gonna upload a bunch of just gonna type out a bunch at once hit go and wait, wait like a day, and then I'm gonna have a boatload of articles.

But again, there's a limit to its its combined usage of API and bulk generator against 200,000 words. So if you think of 750 200 divided by 7.5, was 26. Right? In 200, I don't think I did that, right. divided by 750. I think it should have been point seven, five, it's, it's almost 300 articles that you can generate. And really, you can have I VA is going and generating articles for me. Okay, so let's look at so when I go to WordPress, this is where you add blogs. my mouse is being janky. So I've added this, this blog just as a test. And then if once you have a blog added, you can start you can start a post schedule scheduler is again, sort of like where you do the bulk. I don't I don't know if this counts towards your book, I believe it would, maybe it wouldn't, I don't know it to where I can be like, Okay, well, now I want to spread these blog posts out over time. And I'm just going to, you know, I want a blog post a day for the next 30 days, I think that could be pretty useful. I don't plan on using it though. Right now. I just again, I'd rather put things on pages and interlink them properly. I think that's just better long. Okay. Let's see. So canonical tags, let's go ahead and let me check into the WP admin. And let's see if it, let's see what it looks like when it made this made this post. So it's weird, it changed to non canonical tags? I'm not sure. Because I titled it canonical tags. It's kind of interesting. But let's, let's actually just take a look, look at it before. Okay, so it put an image in there. I don't know if this is a copyrighted image, and it embedded a video which is what we asked and it put in the duplicate h1, see,

yeah, it duplicated the h1 by putting that title in there. So you probably wouldn't ever want to put the title in there unless you wanted to make it also the h2. And I don't think that this article is ready as is, again, this is why I don't use the poster. But you know, if you just wanted to get some activity in there, that would be pretty useful. actually kind of curious if this, let's, I'm gonna save this image, I'm gonna do a google image search, I'm gonna see if, if it passes, they're there. If it looks like it's a actually a, like a copyrighted image. Okay, so uploading the file, and it does show some visually similar images, images, but actually that's not that I don't see usually, like, if there's an exact one, it'll it'll, you'll see it in here. I don't see anything that matches it exactly. So I'm not really sure where they pull the images from. But it looks like it passed that that test.

Okay, I don't want to show my API key. So I took a screenshot of when you click on the API thing, it does give you an API key. And it shows because I did do a bulk request, I think I requested something like 50 something articles all at once. And then I think it did a little bit more. And so this should reset pretty soon. But this is what it when you click on the API, it looks like also I didn't wanna show all my articles. So it did. This is what the my articles page looks like. Actually, I want to point out that I've done about 300 over 300 articles with this because I do like a lot so in summary, I think this is great for my purposes, for SEO I wouldn't put these on like a client or a money site maybe a money site to kind of build fluff content I haven't run a full test to see Um, I've got a couple projects that I think I might just do a full test where I'm just gonna do like article forge on the whole site and see if it can rank ARCA forge does have video where they show some some articles ranking but I wonder about the long term stability of that just because you know these are not super readable articles they while they do pass grammerly I think like isolated sections each sentence and maybe even paragraph makes sense but the the flow of the article sometimes you know they'll talk about let's say like meta meta titles in one paragraph and then 234 paragraphs down they'll talk about meta titles again, usually there's a better flow to the article than that but it's still not perfect for sure.

That said you know if you're using like PB ends These are great for pbn articles I think and they're they're good for I think for like lead gen for me. You know, most of what's ranking is the Google My Business Page, but it's good you need to have some content on the site itself, that actually helps the GMB rank better. So in that way, that is really good. One thing I really like about it that I think is just it's kind of surprised, surprising to me how, how uncommon This is, let's just do okay. The fact that you can pick a set a full article, I want this site this size of an article, I'm really surprised that there's not an option on some of the other ones that I've used. It's mostly just like, hey, write a few write a chunk of words. Okay, well, that that's just now I'm going to hire a VA to do the clicking. And it's like, why don't I just hire a writer, it's probably just even an inexpensive VA, you can get articles for really cheap, and other ways. So I that's one thing I really like about this is really convenient for getting these articles out really quick. If you have a massive need for like lots of mediocre content, which I do, and then this is a great tool for you. And it's the best one I've found so far for that purposes. Again, I prefer it to Jarvis Jarvis is more expensive. A lot of people recommending it, they have a great affiliate program. I think that's why they're recommending it.

Now, maybe there's I didn't give you know, I haven't tested Jarvis's fully because it was frustrating to use for me. And it just required a lot more clicking. And I felt like the articles that it's the stuff, the content it spit out was not any better than article Forge. In fact, it's the grammerly score was substantially less, as I pointed out before. So for SEO purposes, this is a great tool. And I really recommend it, if you need this kind of content, you know, a lot of SEO projects don't really need this kind of content. I think what you can also do one thing I'm going to if you look on my digital domination dojo website, you'll see some pages that are doing this, I'm going to take a transcript of the video. So I've got an an AI transcript software, which I'll, I'll talk about later. And if I've shot a video for this page, where that's relevant, and then I'll also put an article for it at the bottom. And I'll just say, Hey, this is an AI generator, piece of content. So people know. And then I'll put some real things that I'll write at the top. So the article forums, and the transcription adds lots of text content to the page too for a lot of stuff for Google to crawl and add some relevance and make it look like it's a real, you know, kind of like a more thorough article. That said, there are some so I did mention the issue with kind of repeating the keywords, sometimes the information that it gives is wrong. it'll it'll be talking about on page SEO, and I'll be like, an important thing for on page SEO is link building. It's like no, that's, that's off page SEO, that's a completely different category. And so this is something that Google can pick up on. And so I do have concerns about that. But it's still it's still really efficient. And so far, so good.

And I haven't really noticed any negative effects from it. And I'll have some more full data as I use it over time and see because I've done this on some other like actual money sites on some of the deeper articles to try to create some more topical authority. And so far that is working but it remains to be seen if that's going to work very long. Now this is going to be true for any other AI writer out there. There none of them so far can you just like spit out without editing, great articles, highly engaging copy no matter what they promise they're not really anywhere close to that. They all need some if you're going to be presenting it to real humans on a regular basis, and you really need them to engage with it. They all need editing. And in my experience, you know when I see people watch their videos of people using let's say, again, Jarvis to create an article, it's like, oh, well, it took them 45 minutes. You know, I could have written an article in 20 the same article in 20 minutes just writing an off the bat, maybe there's some ideas you get from it, maybe there's a little bit extra to it, or things that you that you wouldn't have thought of whatever but it just doesn't seem to save any time to me so thanks for watching. If you liked this video, smash that like button if you have any questions, questions or comments, I will respond to them. Or you know, let me know what you think. Or if you hate or love article fours, please feel free to leave a comment below as well. And have a great day. Bye now.

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