Picking an AI Writer - September 2023

AI Writers have become more popular recently in helping online business owners and people doing SEO…

…as people trying to rank websites, generate social media content, etc look to save time and money on their content generating costs…

…or try to generate MORE content with an AI content generator because a computer can type faster than humans!

However, AI writers are not useful in all situations…

…they can be a useful SEO tool under some circumstances and not useful in other circumstances.

What is an AI Writer?

Open AI GPT3 Website Front PageAn AI Writer is a piece of software that generates content based upon the GPT-3 Open AI platform.

All of the current market models tap into the GPT-3 API to get their results.

They use artificial intelligence to create unique content that passes Copyscape

…for “writing assistance” or as an “AI writing assistant.”

In reality though, many people doing Search Engine Optimization use it as an inexpensive way to generate lots of content for SEO purposes…

…myself included!

🤫Shhhh…don't tell the Googles! 🤫

Can an AI (using GPT-3) Write a (Good) Article?

Meh, you wouldn't use automated article writing software to write articles everywhere or to write home to mom about… 🙂

There is no AI content writing tool that you would want to take without edits and use on a money site to try to convert visitors into customers…

…and, therefore, it is not suitable under all circumstances without serious editing.  I use the tools to generate articles for some websites…

So, yeah, some are good with serious edits, but it is questionable whether that actually saves you, your VA's, or your writers any time, energy, or cost in creating the online content you want or need in your digital business (like SEO).

In other words, I don't think anyone would call the outputs of the AI Article Generators “high quality content.”

Yes, it is unique and readable content, but I think it stretches the definition of the word “readable.”

Some tools boast being able to be used to write product descriptions, but I find their AI Text Generator to still not have adequate output quality.

I also would not use the generated content for a blog post, Facebook ads, marketing copy, Instagram ads, etc over human writers.   I would just use it to create articles under some circumstances.

What is Best AI Writer?

I've tested several AI content generators that use GPT-3

And the most popular one that is getting promoted the most is Jarvis AI — formerly known as Conversion AI…

…Click Here for my Jarvis AI Review.

…however, at the moment I have one that is far less expensive and provides better content faster: Article Forge.

Click here for my Article Forge Review.

Click here for a link directly to buy Article Forge where I get a small commission.

It is useful on PBN's or Local Lead Gen websites where the content is not likely to be seen by a user, but it may be useful to feed to search engine crawlers like Googlebot.

Other AI Writers Worth Considering:

  • Rytr
  • Shortly AI
  • Anyword
  • Writesonic
  • Copy AI

Whichever AI you pick, I don't recommend using the content without editing directly on most money sites…

…or, as I've done on some pages on this website…without some real, human written content to put above the AI content that is sometimes nonsensical.

Many of the above tools will have a free trial for you to test the product out, so you can see how much you like it.

Below is Content Generated by my Top Pick for an AI Writer:

Tip: this is ironically a tough topic for the AI to cover, so a lot of it doesn't make sense…but enjoy! 🙂

GPT-3 Open AI Writers offers intelligent articles to a marketplace seeking for fresh, intelligent and unique articles. This article-writing service is a joint venture of Jarvis AI Software and writers who are willing to exchange their creative works. Open AI Writers was created to address the need for intelligent, engaging articles in the competitive market. As a writer for GPT-3, you can submit your article to the marketplace with a link to your website, which will be included in the article directory.

Your article will be reviewed by other writers for its grammatical correctness and innovative ideas. You are given the chance to edit your article and ask for suggestions from reviewers. When your article is ready, you will be submitted to the marketplace. The articles that have been accepted will be posted on the GPT site under your author name. In addition, you can choose to publish your articles as stand alone ads on different article submission websites. You can also choose to publish them as solo ads on your own website.

Jarvis is the main character in this amazing article writing software. He is a robot who was designed by scientists. After a series of tests were conducted, a robot was made to be able to converse in English. Since it is a robot, it can learn and communicate in a manner that human authors can not. However, a human is still required in order to supervise its work.

With the GPT-3 software, you will have a good chance of getting more clients and more reviews. You can easily increase your profits. All you need to do is provide good quality articles for the readers to read and appreciate. A writer should never forget that his words are not a mere piece of paper but are words made by a human being. Humans are capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas in a good manner.

GPT-3 writers can be acquired online or offline. Offline purchase of articles is a great idea. However, it should be noted that this method has a limit in most cases. If the writer cannot produce quality work within a specified period of time, he may lose his online reputation. Offline purchase is better for writers who already have a good reputation of writing well.

A good alternative to GPT-3 open AI writers is to try an article submitter service. There are a lot of services that offer such software. Some use article submitter software and some use a different type of software. Submitting articles manually is a time consuming job.

Another advantage with this software is that a number of people can write articles on a single subject. A human can only do so much. The software will take care of the rest. This saves a lot of time. Not only does the software help in improving the quality of articles, it also helps writers focus on a single topic, which is more profitable.

One disadvantage of GPT-3 open AI writers is that the software can be expensive. It can cost a few hundred dollars. This price is worth paying for the benefits it offers. To be able to do so, a writer should be well versed on the latest software and should have a steady source of income.

As with any software program, there are a lot of different versions of the software. Different people will find a variety of different programs useful. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For writers who want to maximize their profits, they should carefully consider the pros and cons of each program.

There is a lot of debate about which software programs are the best. Some say that the terminologies used in the software are too complicated to comprehend. Others point out the fact that many of these software programs cost a lot of money. Still others believe that the terminologies used are not ambiguous and the software is simple to use. The decision really depends on the individual.

The decision about the best software depends on what writers wish to do with their articles. If a writer wishes to just write articles for profit, a simple article submitter software might be enough. If a writer wishes to create articles to submit to article directories, he or she would do well to consider the various software programs on the market. If a writer wants to write search engine optimized articles, he or she should also consider the software available for this purpose. In fact, the number of software programs available is growing rapidly. As more writers learn about the benefits of GPT-3 open AI writers, they will surely consider these options.

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